Halloween Craft: Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts

Image Credit: Happy Clippings

If you are looking for a fun Halloween craft to do with the kids, then here is a great idea.  My kids always enjoy a craft involving paint so this is right up their alley.  These will look super cute in our kitchen and depending on how they turn out we can use them for years to come.  Thanks Happy Clippings!

Here’s what you need to make these:

  • egg carton
  • scissors
  • black and white paint
  • paintbrush
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • ribbon
  • artificial (maple shaped) leaves
  • black marker

Here’s how to make them -> Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts


DIY Halloween Costumes: Crayons and Tutus

I can’t believe that October is already here!  That means there’s only 4 weeks left to figure out Halloween costumes for the kiddos.  As a child, I was never really into the whole dressing up for Halloween thing and consequently I tend to struggle every year trying to decide on costumes for my own children.  I am determined not to procrastinate this year and I have found a couple of super cute ideas that just might work.

The first are these super cute, super easy crayon costumes.  I am all about comfort when it comes to costumes and it really doesn’t get any more comfy than pj’s.  All you need to make these are a set of pj’s, adhesive backed black felt sheets and letters, and party hats.  Thanks Parents!

If you are loving this idea too, then here’s how to make it -> Crayon Costume Tutorial 



While browsing Pinterest, I fell in love with this Peacock costume!  Tutus are a huge fad  right now.  I have seen endless  tutu costumes for ballerinas, princesses, and fairies, but this is a whole new take on it.  My girls are totally into peacocks right now because of the Barbie Island Princess movie so I know they would all be fighting over who got to actually wear this for Halloween.  I suppose I could always make three.  It isn’t all that difficult to make.  If you aren’t all that in to peacocks, you could always take the tutu tutorial and modify it to whatever your girls like.  A little pig or spider or even witch would be cute too!  Thanks The Train To Crazy!

Here is how to mak this -> Peacock Costume Tutorial


Fall Craft: Fall Wreath on the Cheap

It is finally starting to cool off here in Texas, a bit anyway, and it is totally putting me in the mood to do some fall decorating.  I don’t really have a fall wreath, only Halloween, so I have been on the hunt for some good ideas.  I absolutely love the simplicity of this fall wreath from Thrifty Decor Chic.  I also love the cost to make it… only $11!

Here’s what you need to make this:

  • thick foam core board
  • 6 packages of fall elaves form the dollar store
  • glue gun

Here’s how to make it -> Fall Wreath Tutorial

Fall Kids Craft: Leaf Art

I am so ready for summer to be over now!  I hate summers in Texas.  Even though I won’t be experiencing cooler temperatures or changing leaves any time soon, my kids and I can still pretend, right?  I think this leaf art project looks so fun and depending on how they turn out, I might frame them and use them for some fall decor in the house.  The project calls for drawing/printing out and cutting out paper leaves, but I think I will take my kids on a little stroll through the neigborhood to collect all different kinds of leaves and then use those instead.  Thanks for the great craft idea Rockabye Butterfly!

Here’s what you need for this craft:

  • paper
  • different leaves (paper or real)
  • tape
  • pastels ( I had to consult my Canadian husband to find out what these were… apparently I don’t know much about art supplies.  I will probably use chalk instead.)

Here’s how to do it -> Leaf Art Tutorial

Last Minute Grandparent’s Day Gift Ideas!

Grandparent’s Day will be here soon!  If you’re looking for last minute Grandparent’s Day gift ideas, here are a few that are budget friendly and easy to make!  If you’ve already got Grandparent’s Day covered, these are great ideas for the holidays, too!

Grandparents LOVE to show off photos of their grandchildren and they also love gifts that are “from the heart.”  Kids love crafts with glue and craft sticks!  Your kids will have fun making their own craft stick photo frame and their grandparents will love it!

Find out how to make the frame here–> Craft stick photo frame tutorial  

This hand print photo apron is a bit more involved than some of these other items, so this might be one you want to save for the holidays instead!  I think these are so cute!  They didn’t do it in the picture, but I think I would add the grandkids names under their hand prints!

Find out how to make it here–> Hand print photo apron

Today’s gift is a tissue paper flower bouquet!  My mother in law and daughter actually made this one when she was here visiting us last summer and had a blast doing it together!  Make a bouquet for the grandparents and give it to them or you can buy the materials and let it be a “bonding” activity instead!

Click here to find out how to make this–> Tissue Paper flower bouquet 

Make a personalized handprint canvas bag!  I thought that this was the cutest idea when I saw it!  You can add each of the grandkid’s handprints and their names.

Click here to find out how to make this–> Personalized handprint canvas bag 

I posted this awhile back for Valentine’s Day, but it would be great for Grandparent’s Day, too!  Thanks to Tons of Fun for this simple yet very thoughtful gift idea!  If you wanted to dress it up a bit, you could add a frame, too!

Find out more about how to make this yourself here–>Grandparent’s Day card idea

Here’s another idea for a Grandparent’s Day card.  The handprint opens up and you place a cute saying and picture of your kiddo inside.

Find out how to make this one here–> Grandparent’s Day hand print card