Disney Planes Movie Review!

My kids have been watching the previews for the Disney Planes Movie for weeks now and anxiously awaiting the release! They have apparently watched the previews so many times that by the time we actually went to see the movie this week, they knew all of the main characters by name before the movie even started! One of the “perks” of blogging is that I get to attend some movie screenings before the release date, and we were all excited to go see Planes earlier this week.

Disney Planes Movie Review


If you’ve seen the movie Cars, then you will be somewhat familiar with the storyline in this movie.  Dusty Crophopper is a small town crop duster with big dreams!  He wants to win a world-wide flight competition.  Off course, the odds are stacked against him.  Not only is he a crop duster and not built for speed, but he is also afraid of heights!

During the competition, Dusty finds a trusty sidekick, El Chupacabra, who is set on winning the heart of a fellow competitor, Rochelle  Like Mater in Cars, El Chupacabra isn’t exactly socially savvy and his antics kept everyone entertained throughout the movie.  He was probably my favorite character just because you never knew what he was going to do next!  Dusty also has a nemesis, Ripslinger, who is determined to win the competition and who vows to do whatever it takes to come out on top.  Dusty has his own love interest, Ishani, who is also faced with the inner struggle of choosing between winning at all costs and being true to herself.

Like Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson, Dusty also finds a mentor along the way.   Skipper is a World War II veteran with plenty of stories!  He helps Dusty learn some tricks of the trade and he learns a few things from Dusty along the way, too!

One of the criticisms of the movie has been that the plot line is predictable.  When you go to a Disney movie (or any children’s movie), you expect for it to be somewhat predictable.  You expect the main character to have an enemy, be faced with some sort of trial, and to come out ahead in the end.  Most children’s movies are “feel good” movies that carry a theme of a little guy coming out ahead.  If you were expecting something different, you will probably be disappointed,.  Although the storyline was comparable to Cars, the characters also had their own unique quirks.  Unlike Lightning McQueen, Dusty was a crop duster from a small town.  He had humble beginnings, and didn’t have Lightning’s arrogance which made him “likeable” from the start.  When I go to a children’s movie, I just “success” by what my kids think.  They loved it, and I laughed several times myself.  If your kids loved Cars, they’ll probably love this one, too!

If your kids loved Planes, they can keep enjoying the fun with these two interactive games:

  • Propwash Pursuit :Take control of Dusty and fly around Propwash Junction (available for desktop)
  • Jetstream Racers : Help Dusty navigate courses, earn points, and unlock more characters (available for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices)

You can also check out Disney’s Flew Tube for more video clips, Planes inspired recipes, craft ideas, and more!

Check out the trailer here:

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DISCLOSURE: My family was able to attend the movie screening for Planes for free. I was not compensated for this review in any way. All opinions are 100% mine!

Delivery Man coming to theaters soon!

I’m so excited for the upcoming release of Delivery Man!  In the movie, David Wozniak, played by Vince Vaughn, learns that due to a mix-up at a fertility clinic 20 years ago, he is now the “father” to 533 children.  Plus, over 100 of the children want to find out his true identity so that they can meet them!

Check out the trailer here:

I always enjoy Vince Vaughn movies, so I can’t wait to check it out!

Monsters University Review: where it all started!


My husband and I went on our first “date” to see Monsters Inc, so it has been a favorite movie in our house through the years.  We have all been looking forward to the release of Monsters University, and ironically the official release date is one day before our 11th wedding anniversary!  One of the benefits of being a blogger is that I get to attend movie screenings before the movies are actually released.  Unfortunately, my husband and son had to stay home because my son got hurt.  My daughter and I LOVED it, though, and I can’t wait for us to go again as a family!

Monsters University Review:  Where it All Started


The movie starts with young Mike Wazowski (braces and all) on a field trip to see the “Scaring Floor” at Monsters Inc.  From that moment on, his dream was to attend the Scaring School at Monsters University and then become a “scarer” at Monsters Inc.  Fast forward a few years and it looks like his dream is coming true as he arrives at the university!

The movie had a few surprises.  The biggest one for me was that Mike and Sully were actually rivals in the beginning!  Mike’s role as the resident “nerd” was not overly surprising, but after seeing Monsters Inc, I was surprised the Sully started out as an arrogant “jock” trying to get by on his family’s name!  The two join together after being kicked out of Scaring School.  Their only hope at redemption is to team up with a crew of misfits to try to win the Scare Games.

Kids enjoy the antics of the monsters as they attempt to one up each other and win the competition.  Adults will enjoy it, too, and may also be reminded of some of their own college experiences along the way!  The movie teaches that dreams can come true, but not always in the way that you expect.  Mike gets his job at Monsters Inc, but not in the exact role he was hoping for! It also teaches about teamwork and shows how lasting friendships can come in unexpected ways.

To get your kids ready for the movie, enjoy some of these free activities:

Watch the trailer here:

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DISCLOSURE:  I was invited to attend a free screening of this movie.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Home Run movie review


Cory Brand was an up and coming baseball player who was living life in the fast lane.  When he hits rock bottom, his agent provides him with an opportunity to turn his life around.  He returns to his home town to coach his brother’s little league team and has to participate in Celebrate Recovery, a “12 step program with Jesus.”

When he returns to his hometown, Cory is forced to confront his dark past, which includes an alcoholic father and childhood abuse.  Like his father Cory has always turned to alcohol as a means of coping with his problems.  Home Run is a powerful movie with a Christian theme that focuses on finding the power to change and heal through Jesus Christ.  On his journey, Cory learns how to love baseball again and more importantly how to love himself.  One of my favorite lines in the movie was when Cory told his son that “Nothing great happens when you hold back.”  This is great advice for all of us.

Even if you have not dealt with issues of abuse or addiction, you may know someone who has, and even if you don’t, there will still be issues you can relate to.  This movie is about learning not to judge others because things aren’t always what they seem and also focuses on learning to forgive and move forward.  There are also powerful themes about parenting that we can all learn from.  One of the main characters said some things that hit me as a parent:  “It takes courage to be a parent.  It takes courage to love a child.  Parenting is not for cowards.”

It’s hard to find feel good movies with powerful themes like this one, and it’s a “must see” in my book!  Find out if your local theater will be showing the movie here–> Home Run theaters

If your theater will not be showing this movie, you can request a screening here–> Home Run Screening request

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The Croods Movie Review


One of the perks of being a blogger is that I sometimes get to attend movie screenings.  My kids saw the previews for The Croods when we went to see Wreck it Ralph and have been looking forward to it ever since then!  We weren’t disappointed!

The Croods are a prehistoric family trying to survive as the “end of the world” approaches.  The movie deals with letting go, facing the unknown, and new beginnings and has some great messages about parenting and families, too!  Grug, the father (whose voice is done by Nicholas Cage) is understandably cautious given the perilous world they live in.  His top priority is protecting his family, even if it means keeping them locked away in a cave for days at a time.  The teenage daughter, Eep (whose voice is done by Emma Stone) has a sense for adventure and yearns for something beyond the cave walls.  After sneaking out one day, she comes into contact with Guy, (voice of Ryan Reynolds) who has been making it on his own for awhile and is full of great survival tips.  Shortly after Eve returns to her family’s cave, the family is faced with unexpected changes and they have to leave the cave for the unknown.  Along the way, Grug has to swallow some of his pride as the “protector” and the family relies on Guy to help them survive.

Adults will be able to appreciate the storyline.  As parent, you may be able to relate to the relationship between Grug and his daughter and to that desire to protect your children and family.  The father-daughter relationship also took me back to my teenage years and reminded me of similar battles with my parents as I approached adulthood and strived to establish my own independence.


My kids, who are five and eight, enjoyed the movie, and there were plenty of moments where we all laughed together, but there are some pretty intense scenes and my five year old ended up on my lap about halfway through the movie. My advice is to leave the younger kids at home!

The favorite character for my kids was “Belt” (pictured above) who is Guy’s pet and doubles as a belt, a cook, and basically a jack of all trades.  You’ll be hearing “dun dun dun…” (you have to watch the movie to understand) from your kids for awhile after watching!

I have to admit that this movie kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.  I found myself jumping at some scenes and wondering if the characters were going to survive in other scenes.  It’s not your typical children’s movie for sure!

DISCLOSURE:  I received free admission to this movie for myself and my family.  All reviews and opinions are my own.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for additional information.