Fall Kids Craft: Leaf Art

I am so ready for summer to be over now!  I hate summers in Texas.  Even though I won’t be experiencing cooler temperatures or changing leaves any time soon, my kids and I can still pretend, right?  I think this leaf art project looks so fun and depending on how they turn out, I might frame them and use them for some fall decor in the house.  The project calls for drawing/printing out and cutting out paper leaves, but I think I will take my kids on a little stroll through the neigborhood to collect all different kinds of leaves and then use those instead.  Thanks for the great craft idea Rockabye Butterfly!

Here’s what you need for this craft:

  • paper
  • different leaves (paper or real)
  • tape
  • pastels ( I had to consult my Canadian husband to find out what these were… apparently I don’t know much about art supplies.  I will probably use chalk instead.)

Here’s how to do it -> Leaf Art Tutorial