Flip Flops for $.50 plus DIY Flower Flip Flops!

family-dollar-flip-flopsWOW!  If you have a Family Dollar Store near you, the flip flops are on sale for just $1 per pair AND they are BOGO free, which means you can score flip flops for $.50 per pair!  These are great to wear to the pool!

DIY-flower-flip-flopsPLUS, you can bling them up with these DIY Flower Flip Flops instructions!  My daughter and I love to make these and you can make a super cute pair of flip flops for under $5!  This is a great craft idea for birthday parties or a summer craft day, too!




St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities You Can Do With Your Kids!


In my house, St. Patrick’s Day is one of those hugely overlooked holidays. Most years, if I am lucky, I remember to dress the kiddos in something green before I send them out the door. That is about as far as our festivies go. This year, I have been findning tons of cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day stuff and it has really gotten me excited for the holiday. Here are my top 10 favorite kid’s crafts and activities for St. Patrick’s Day. I hope they get you excited too!

I am lucky becauseI Am Lucky Because…

fruit-loops-rainbow-craftFruit Loop Rainbows

img_30451Paper Roll Shamrocks

Lucky Shamrock Wands aLucky Shamrock Wands

Picnik collage handprint rainbowsHandprint Rainbows

IMGP1021-1024x6831Shamrock Sprouts

garlandShamrock Garland

St_Patricks_Day_Scavenger_Hunt_12St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

shamrock_manShamrock Man

xAgDnp-cScq3qlPlUmSBVgHandprint Shamrocks

Easter Craft: Peep Wreath!

peepwreath00smEaster will be here before we know it so I figure I should probably get moving on the decorations.  This year, I want to get my kids more involved in the decorating.  I think that this Peeps wreath is a great way to start!  I might even let each of my girls make their own to put on their bedroom doors.  What a perfect Spring Break craft!  Thanks Tried and True!

Here’s what you need to make this:

– toothpicks
– 10″ straw wreath
– 9 packs of Peeps
– ribbon

Here’s how to make it -> Peeps Wreath Tutorial

Keepsake Keychain Craft

Keepsake KeychainI came across this on Pinterest quite a while ago and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  This would be such a cute grandparent gift or even something to make for yourself.  It is a great way to display cute pictures of your kiddos for all to see.  Thanks for the idea My Crazy Life As A Farmer’s Wife!

Here’s what you  need to make this:

  • old gift cards or credit cards (cut-up) or laminate chip samples or counter samples from your local hardware store
  • chain or ribbon form the craft store
  • scrapbooking paper
  • pictures of your kiddos
  • embellishments
  • mod podge
Here’s how to make it -> Keepsake Keychain Tutorial
See more crafts with kids posts here–> Crafts with Kids

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Spouses


I feel like making Valentine’s gifts for the kids is pretty easy, but I am always struggling to find something sweet, but not too girly, to give to my husband.  Little did I know that by searching on Pinterest, I would suddenly have too many ideas to choose from.  Score!  It looks like I am covered for the next few years now!  Here are some of my favorites!

Remember I Love You (Pictured Above):  In our early married years, whenever my husband and I would be apart for several days, I would leave little notes for him to find while I was gone.  Some would simply say “I love you” while others were more personal.  It became a game to see how long it would take him to find all the notes.  Then life and kids happened and I honestly can’t remeber the last time I did something like that.  I think it would be so sweet to start this tradition up again with this great idea from Moorea Seal and I Go By Katie.

Exploding Box

Exploding Valentine’s CardHere is a creative way to display and reminisce over all those happy moments you have spent together.  This could become a yearly thing where you highlight the events since the previous year.  Love it!  Thanks Glitter Adventure.


Lucky in LoveLucky in Love Cards:  If your spouse likes lottery tickets, here is a cute way to make Valentine scratch-offs.  There is something exciting about getting to do scratch-offs, even if you know you won’t be winning any money.  You could use this idea to write little love notes to scrath off, or maybe even make them like coupons for dates or massages or things like that.  Thanks The Dating Divas!


Valentine Date ArtValentine’s Date Art: If all else fails or I simply run out of time, this is a quick and easy,  and still very thoughtful, gift idea.  If I don’t end up doing this as a gift, I will probably still make it to place on mantel.  Thanks Kojo Designs!