Flip Flops for $.50 plus DIY Flower Flip Flops!

family-dollar-flip-flopsWOW!  If you have a Family Dollar Store near you, the flip flops are on sale for just $1 per pair AND they are BOGO free, which means you can score flip flops for $.50 per pair!  These are great to wear to the pool!

DIY-flower-flip-flopsPLUS, you can bling them up with these DIY Flower Flip Flops instructions!  My daughter and I love to make these and you can make a super cute pair of flip flops for under $5!  This is a great craft idea for birthday parties or a summer craft day, too!




Keepsake Keychain Craft

Keepsake KeychainI came across this on Pinterest quite a while ago and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  This would be such a cute grandparent gift or even something to make for yourself.  It is a great way to display cute pictures of your kiddos for all to see.  Thanks for the idea My Crazy Life As A Farmer’s Wife!

Here’s what you  need to make this:

  • old gift cards or credit cards (cut-up) or laminate chip samples or counter samples from your local hardware store
  • chain or ribbon form the craft store
  • scrapbooking paper
  • pictures of your kiddos
  • embellishments
  • mod podge
Here’s how to make it -> Keepsake Keychain Tutorial
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Valentine’s Craft: Heart Argyle Wreath

vdaywreath11Valentine’s Day is just a month away so I figure it is probably time to start decorating, which I am actually super excited to do!.  My house has felt so bare since taking down the Christmas decorations.  I found this Heart Argyle Wreath on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  It tends to get super windy where I live and I need something durable to stand up to that.  I like that this doesn’t really have little pieces that will blow away or get all bent up in the strong winds.  I also like that it won’t get smushed while storing it until the followng year.  Thanks for the idea Mine for the Making!

Here’s what you need to make this:

  • wreath form
  • yarn
  • felt (2 colors)
  • heart template
  • marker or fabric pen
  • scissors
  • hot glue & gun

Here’s how to make it -> Heart Argyle Wreath Tutorial


New Year’s Eve Kid Friendly Craft Ideas

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. As a kid, I remember looking forward to New Year’s Eve because I got to stay up late and spend time with my family.

Here are some fun craft ideas to help your kids get ready for New Year’s Eve from around the Blogosphere:

New Year’s Printable Coloring Pages (More here although some of them are a bit morbid in my opinion)

Happy New Year Garland –  all you need is felt (construction paper would probably work, too), glue, sequins, and yarn!

Party Popper– talk about budget friendly!  All you need for this craft is tissue paper, a toilet paper roll, tape, curling ribbon, scissors, and small candy or other treats!

Personalized Kid Cups– this is budget friendly, too!  All you need are plastic drinking cups, number stickers (you may want to add letters, too), pipe cleaners, and sparkling cider!

Sparkly New Year’s Eve Ball – who needs the ball in Times Square when you can make your own?!

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Kid friendly and budget friendly Halloween crafts!

My mom and sister both got the “crafty” genes in my family and somehow, they passed me right by… I’m capable of completing some projects, but I have to be inspired by others and I never very basic instructions!

As I was browsing the blogosphere to come up with some fun Halloween crafts to do with my kids this month, here are a few that I came across:

Halloween candy bouquet: My friend Martha told me that she was going to make a Halloween candy bouquet like they have in the stores…I started searching and came across these step by step instructions and I just might have to try this one, tooIf you want to try it yourself, you can find the instructions here at Incredible Edible Crafts.

Marshmallow Frankenstein popsThese caught my eye right away and they are so cute!  Plus, they are easy to make and this is definitely a project my kids can help with.  Can’t wait to make them and share them!  To find out how to make your own, check out this post at Craft-o-maniac!

Creepy Crawly Candy ContainersWant a fun way to store your Halloween candy?  Make a Creepy Crawly Candy Container.  This project is also “kid friendly”  I can’t way to get started.  You can find out how to make your own in this post here on Shenanigans.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the sale on Brachs Halloween candy to fill up your jar!

Candy Corn PeopleI saw this on Babies and Bargains and thought it was so cute!  Plus, it’s kid friendly (with a little adult supervision) and budget friendly, too!  To find out how to make your own Candy Corn People, check out this post on Babies and Bargains.

Happy Crafting!

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