Skippy Peanut Butter STOCK UP DEAL!


One of my goals for 2015 is to work on building a year’s supply of food and other items!  I will be using a combination of budget friendly food storage plans to accomplish this goal.  In Week 6 of this 52 Week Food Storage Buying guideit suggests buying 10 jars of peanut butter per person.  This is on sale at both Target and Kroger this week, so it’s a great time to add this one to your stockpile!

KROGER: pricing may vary by location!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.15.15 AM

Buy Skippy Peanut Butter (16.3 oz) – $1.99 when you buy 5 participating Mega Sale items
$.55/1 Skippy Peanut Butter 15 oz+ (you should be able to print 2 per computer!)
Final Price = $1.44 after coupon and Mega sale pricing!

These items are also stockpile worthy:

  • Quaker instant oatmeal – $1.69 when you buy 5 participating Mega sale items
  • Ozarka water – $2.99 when you buy 5 participating Mega sale items
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce – 10/$10 (you do not need to buy 10)


Buy one Skippy Peanut Butter (16.3 oz) – $2.50 
25% Off Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3 oz Target Cartwheel coupon – expires TOMORROW (can be used on up to 4 jars)
-$.55/1 Skippy Peanut Butter 15 oz+ (you should be able to print 2 per computer!)
Final Price = $1.32 after coupon and Target Cartwheel!

NOTE:  When deciding how much to purchase, consider your family’s needs.  If you don’t like peanut butter or have peanut allergies, this might not be the best deal for you!

Should Stores Be Allowed to Limit Quantities to prevent Extreme Couponing?


This morning, in my Facebook feed, I saw a post by someone how was bragging that they had cleared the shelves at 9 different stores and that what they had pictured was only half of their “haul.”  What was pictured, in case you are wondering, was HUNDREDS of boxes of Jell-O and lots and lots of what I think were Yakisoba noodles.  People were cheering them on and asking for the details so that they could do the same thing.

I’m lost…

What could you possibly need hundreds of boxes of Jell-O and noodles for?  Where would you even store it?  The shelf life isn’t THAT long so even if you ate nothing but Jell-O and noodles every day for a year, I’m not sure you could make a dent in what I saw pictured (and remember that was only half of what they had actually purchased). 

Living in a Land of Extreme Couponing

I started couponing about 10 years ago before couponing was really “Cool”  When I first started, it was completely addicting.  I remember dreaming CVS and Walgreens scenarios in my head.  I may or may not have sent my husband out on New Year’s Eve one year to get a moneymaker blood glucose monitor at CVS even though neither one of us is diabetic.  So, I “get” the thrill that comes from getting things for free.  What I don’t get is clearing shelves at multiple stores so that no one else has the opportunity to take advantage of deals and clearing shelves to load up on things you couldn’t possibly use.  But Extreme Couponing changed everything.  Now, not only do we have people loading up on things they don’t need, but they are bragging about it and even re-selling it!

Who is to blame?

I’d like to say that Extreme Couponing is to blame, but it’s not their fault, really, that people lack common courtesy and common sense.  What about the stores?  Should they limit quantities of items to try to prevent this extreme and irrational behavior (and to help make sure that every day folks can still get in on a deal)?  Why not?

How much is too much?

This always raises the question of how much is too much?  What seems “extreme” to me may not be extreme if you have a family of 8 people.  I think the answer is to buy what your family needs and can use in a reasonable amount of time (preferably before it expires).  If the stores limit quantities, it will encourage stockpilers to make arrangements with management to pre-order items so they are not clearing shelves or they may have to make multiple visits to multiple stores.  I’ve been there and done that.  I did it to buy the 10 bottles of Tide pictured above that I purchased in January.  Some might think buying 10 bottles of Tide is “extreme” but every single one of those bottles is gone now, by the way, and has been replaced by deals on All and Purex over the past few weeks!

You may be wondering what I even CARE about this.  The answer is because I feel it every time I go shopping.  If I can’t get to my CVS stores at midnight for a 24 hour store or when they open, I know I won’t get their deals for that week.  I care because I have seen what has happened to coupon policies at stores over the past few years because of this type of behavior.  I care because I see my friends thinking they are getting a “deal” buying household items from people who are re-selling and they could have gotten the same deal for a LOT less themselves!

What do you think?  Should Stores Be Allowed to limit Quantities to Prevent Extreme Couponing?  What types of policies should they have?

Savings Saturday: Stock Up Deals on All Detergent and Ragu!


Since the new Kroger ad came out on Wednesday, I have been looking forward to shopping the Kroger Mega sale.  The shelf clearers were out in full force at my store today!  All of the Hunt’s tomatoes were gone and so was the BBQ sauce (I spotted a lady at the registers with 100 bottles in her cart, so I guess that’s why!).  I did manage to score cheap Quaker granola bars, cheap Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers, and cheap Ro-Tel (which is a stockpile-worthy item if you live in Texas!).

The item that I was most excited about was my All laundry detergent.  I think everyone has their “thing” that they get slightly obsessive about stockpiling and for me, it’s laundry detergent. I think I have this fear that some day there won’t be coupons or deals and I might have to pay…FULL PRICE!  I got each of these bottles for just $1.75 after coupons, which is definitely a stock up price for me!

Here’s the breakdown:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.12.40 AM

All Laundry Detergent – $2.75 when you buy 10 participating items
$2/2 All Laundry Detergent – 1-6 RP
Final Price = $1.75 each after coupon

See the top Kroger Mega Sale deals here–> Kroger Mega Sale deals

I also took advantage of a Target gift card deal involving Ragu pasta sauce!  You get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 10 participating items and the Ragu pasta sauce was included!  

Here’s the breakdown on the deal I did:

Buy 10 Ragu pasta sauce – $1.59 each

-5 $1/2 Ragu pasta sauce coupons – 1-6 SS
$.60/2 Ragu pasta sauce Target coupon
-$5 Target gift card (earned from Shopkick)

Spend $5.30 out of pocket, get a $5 Target gift card – that’s just $.53 per jar!

Rumor has it that this deal will be in the ad that starts tomorrow, so you’ve still got time to take advantage of this awesome stock up deal!  Make sure you get your FREE $2 Target gift card from Shopkick if you haven’t already and plan on taking advantage of this deal!  Get yours here–> Free Target gift card from Shopkick


I also got these 10 tubes of Colgate toothpaste earlier this week at Walmart for just $.50 each!  The regular price is $1.25 each and I used my $.75 coupons (sadly they expire today) to get them for this price!  I have been using free samples of toothpaste from the dentist for the past few weeks, so I knew it was time to replenish our stockpile!

See more Walmart deals here–> Walmart Deals

My total out of pocket for these 30 items was $27.80!  The retail value (based on sale prices for the All detergent and Ragu) was $60.90!

What did YOU add to your stockpile this week?  Find out more about how you can build your stockpile and savings on a budget week by week here–> Starting your stockpile on a budget and my 52 week savings plan 

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Savings Saturday: what I added to my stockpile this week!


On Wednesday, I posted about the 52 Week Savings Challenge and I also posted some tips for building your stockpile on a budget.  You can find out more about that here–> 52 Week Savings Challenge

This week, my Kroger sale is having a Mega sale and Tide is on sale for $4.99 when you buy 5 participating items.  There was a $1.50 off Tide coupon in the 12-30 PG insert, which makes Tide just $3.49 each, which is a stock up price for me!  I bought 10 and paid $34.90.  I saved $25 and I won’t have to buy laundry detergent again for at least 5 months.  By then, another deal will come along!

I decided to follow both food storage plans referenced in my 52 Week Savings Challenge post, so I also added 5 cans of Cream of Chicken soup.  The 98% fat free version was on sale 10/$10 at Kroger (which RARELY happens!) and I had a $1 off 5 catalina coupon, so I paid $.80 per can, which is less than I would pay for the store brand at Walmart!

I also added $3 for the 52 Week Savings Challenge and I even came in under budget for groceries for the week!

Here’s the FUN part!  I want to help three of you jump start your savings goals by giving you the $10 that you would need to save for this month’s challenge.  Use it to jump start the monthly challenge or to build your stockpile!  Enter to win here–> 52 Week Week Savings Challenge January Giveaway

I’d love to hear your stories about how you’re saving and building your stockpile, too!

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Randall’s: Smoking HOT stockpile deals (cereal, toothbrushes, and more!)

If you have a Safeway affiliate store in your area, there are some awesome stockpile deals this week!

Image Credit: Frugal Living NW

There is a catalina coupon for Reach toothbrushes.  If you are not familiar with catalina coupons, you receive a coupon that can be used (like cash) on your next purchase.

Here’s the breakdown on this catalina:  it runs through 9/2

Buy 2, Get $2 Catalina
Buy 3, Get $3 Catalina
Buy 4+, Get $4 Catalina

Print your Reach coupons here–> $2 off 2 Reach toothbrushes coupon 

Here’s a scenario:

Buy 4 Reach toothbrushes – $1.72 each

Use 2 $2 off 2 Reach toothbrushes coupon

Spend $2.88 OOP, get a $4 catalina

Get cereal and cereal bars for as low as $.49 each per box!  Details are here–> Stock up sale on cereal 

Image Credit: My Litter

You can get free or super cheap fruit snacks.  NOTE:  You must buy 4 to get these prices!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks –  $.99
$.75/3 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, or Fruit Gushers Fruit Snacks printable
$.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks, Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks, exp. 8/18/12 (SS 06/24/12)
Final Price = $.49 each after coupon (if you have the $.50 off coupon, which will double)

Mott’s Fruit Snacks – $.99
$.50/1 Ocean Spray, Motts or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks printable
$.50/1 Ocean Spray, Mott’s or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks, exp. 9/1/12 (SS 07/08/12)
Final Price = FREE after coupon because the coupon will double! (remember Randall’s only doubles one “like” coupon per transaction)

Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks – $.99
$.50/1 Ocean Spray, Motts or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks printable
$.50/1 Ocean Spray, Mott’s or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks, exp. 9/1/12 (SS 07/08/12)
Final Price = FREE after coupons (remember Randall’s only doubles one “like” coupon per transaction) 

There is a coupon in the ad this week for $5 off any $15+ frozen foods purchase.

Totino’s Pizza is on sale for just $1 each and there is a printable coupon for $1 off 5 Totino’s pizzas, which makes them just $.47 each when you combine the sale and printable coupons with the $5 off $15 frozen foods coupon.

Print your coupon here–> $1 off 5 Totino’s Pizzas coupon 

Here’s one scenario for you:

Buy 15 Totino’s Pizzas – $1 each

Use 3 $1 off 5 Totino’s Pizzas coupon

Use $5 off $15+ frozen foods store coupon

Spend $7 OOP ($.47 each)

Check out the ad for even more deals on frozen food items!

Here are some of my other favorite deals this week:

Eating Right boneless, skinless chicken breasts – $1.49/lb

Mission flour tortillas (10 ct) – $.99 w/ in ad coupon

Ragu pasta sauce – BOGO free ($1.25 each with store promotion)

(Thanks Frugal Living NW, My Litter, and We Use Coupons!)

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Red, black or green seedless grapes – $.89/lb

Strawberries – 2 lbs for $3