52 Weeks of Savings Challenge Giveaway: win PAYPAL CASH!


If you’re following my 52 weeks of Savings Challenge, you will save $10 this month.  To help you jump start your savings, I’m giving away $10 to three lucky winners!  Use that to start the savings challenge or use it to build your stockpile!  I’ve added some great resources for building your stockpile week by week on a budget in my 52 weeks of Savings Challenge post!

If you haven’t checked out that post yet, you can find it here–> 52 weeks of Savings Challenge

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Good luck!


  1. Dee Cindee says:

    I bought 40 boxes of Finish Dishwasher tabs @ $ .54 each. WOW. Totally excited!!!

  2. I added to my stockpile this week by buying over $65.00 in vitamins, calcium, lotions, mouthwash, conditioner, and some other edible groceries for under $20.00.

  3. I try to stockpile toothpaste, my supply is getting a little low, so I will be adding to it.

  4. Melissa A says:

    I haven’t started to stockpile yet, but I’m am working the 52 week challenge! Weeks 1 and 2 down, 50 more to go. Xmas will be a no credit card kind of holiday!

  5. ACME this week was having a 4-day sale on Special K for $1.88 so with the coupons I got cereal, special k crackers, and granola bars for a very low price! Also progresso soup was $1.00 a can, so I purchased 8 cans for $5.50 ( I had coupons for those as well)


  6. I just bought several lbs of marked down pot roast for the freezer!

  7. stephanie dewaide says:

    I also picked up the tide deal at my fred meyer store last week, also did the 10 for 10 on canned soups, had some 40 cent of 3 coupons, so i ended up with 15 cans of various soups and a few bottles of the tide, which are for just in case, cause i make my own laundry soap.

  8. I have added to my stockpile this week with the b1g1 stayfree at cvs with the b1g1 coupon for 8 free pads and with the money I would divided it into my weekly envelopes for the 52 week challenge!!

  9. michelle warner says:

    i would add laundry detergent to my stocpile if i won, always need it

  10. Lori Thomas says:

    I added toothpaste, shampoo & deodorant to my stockpile.

  11. sheri grennille says:

    i got some free feminine pads and added some instant coffee to our stockpile as we were getting very low.

  12. Ann Mickunas says:

    I bought extra cans of soup this week as well. I also had a price match from Von’s that I used at Walmart, so I got some extra Capri Sun for my stockpile. I’m also doing the 52 week Money challenge. I am committed and even printed off the chart and stapled it in my monthly planner, so I can see it every day!!

  13. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    I haven’t been able to add to my non-stockpile. I miss when I had a good supply of things we use daily.

  14. I think I’d put the money on bills – gotta get started on those.

  15. We added to our stock pile by starting another bucket of Sauerkraut

  16. Kim Sullivan says:

    Will use the money to add to my shampoo, body wash & toothpaste stockpiles- they are getting pretty low and I’ve been waiting for some great deals to come along….

  17. i would use the $ to buy kcups….my latest addiction.

  18. susan russell says:

    Added laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and make up to stock pile from cvs!

  19. I’ve already started, but I’m doing it backwards; I started with $52, then $51, so it will get easier! I’m saving for savings sake. I’d love to have a $2000 emergency fund by the end of the year.

  20. Stephanie says:

    We are having a baby in 4 weeks and working on saving for a new house, so I’d add to my savings!

  21. stocked up on cereal and soup

  22. I would keep the money in an emergency fund (we do NOT have one 🙁

  23. debbie jackson says:

    stock up on paper products debbie jackson

  24. Jennifer Rote says:

    I’d put it towards my mattress fund. Or maybe a pair of boots, lol

  25. had a great week from Publix. used the coupon from Sweetbay which gave me $10 off an gave me a $10 gift card,had 3 coupons fo that gave me a total of $30 off an 3 gifts cards for $10 each totaling $30. Total cost for groceries was $120,saved $207 after everthing. Oh I only do shopping once a month so this was a good one for me,yesss. so I have $30 to spend on a few odds a ends.

  26. Laundry detergent

  27. Would use the money for catching some grocery sales to stock up, thanks!

  28. I just added vitamins to my stockpile. I plan to use the money for groceries!

  29. Khristine says:

    I have been working off of up rewards for the last 2 weeks feels great to be saving and only paying cents out of pocket for item

  30. My stockpile was for clothing this week. I was able to get my almost 3 year old son the majority of his shorts for this summer at Gymboree for less than $4 a pair after taxes which is less than I can find them at the consignment sales & I’ll be able to resell them next year for $6-8 a pair.

  31. love stockpiling

  32. would use the money for something fun for my girls!

  33. I’d save more for my house

  34. Cynthia R says:

    i stockpile anytime harris teeter has a buy 2 get three deal on spaghetti sauces, chips, snacks, etc…

  35. Darlene S says:

    I stockpile on diapers and wipes :p

  36. Jhanelle G. says:

    I would buy a few grocery items

  37. building up my fund for christmas again —– Pauline aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  38. Stockpiled toilet paper with an Amazon deal!

  39. I added lots of toothpaste and fabric softener to my stockpile this week.

  40. misty downes says:

    Im saving for disneyland Im deffinately following your 52 wk saving plan, I started with $100. Im not even telling my hubby I want to suprise him at christmas!

  41. april yedinak says:

    I would use the money to get treats for the kids.

  42. Julie Waldron says:

    If I won the money I would use it to buy a game or DVD for my family

  43. Thanks for all you do.

  44. I would like to get started stockpiling !

  45. I would put it towards a vacation!

  46. Love the bargains!

  47. Angela Watwood says:

    I just added some deoderant to my stockpile. I found it on clearance and had a coupon to go with it so I was paid to take it home!

  48. Heather Averill says:

    This week I stocked up on makeup at HEB for my girls for dance. Thank goodness I did, I went on Monday which was the last day they Were allowing you to use a store coupon along with a manufacturers coupon. 🙂

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