Savings Saturday: Stock Up Deals on All Detergent and Ragu!


Since the new Kroger ad came out on Wednesday, I have been looking forward to shopping the Kroger Mega sale.  The shelf clearers were out in full force at my store today!  All of the Hunt’s tomatoes were gone and so was the BBQ sauce (I spotted a lady at the registers with 100 bottles in her cart, so I guess that’s why!).  I did manage to score cheap Quaker granola bars, cheap Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers, and cheap Ro-Tel (which is a stockpile-worthy item if you live in Texas!).

The item that I was most excited about was my All laundry detergent.  I think everyone has their “thing” that they get slightly obsessive about stockpiling and for me, it’s laundry detergent. I think I have this fear that some day there won’t be coupons or deals and I might have to pay…FULL PRICE!  I got each of these bottles for just $1.75 after coupons, which is definitely a stock up price for me!

Here’s the breakdown:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.12.40 AM

All Laundry Detergent – $2.75 when you buy 10 participating items
$2/2 All Laundry Detergent – 1-6 RP
Final Price = $1.75 each after coupon

See the top Kroger Mega Sale deals here–> Kroger Mega Sale deals

I also took advantage of a Target gift card deal involving Ragu pasta sauce!  You get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 10 participating items and the Ragu pasta sauce was included!  

Here’s the breakdown on the deal I did:

Buy 10 Ragu pasta sauce – $1.59 each

-5 $1/2 Ragu pasta sauce coupons – 1-6 SS
$.60/2 Ragu pasta sauce Target coupon
-$5 Target gift card (earned from Shopkick)

Spend $5.30 out of pocket, get a $5 Target gift card – that’s just $.53 per jar!

Rumor has it that this deal will be in the ad that starts tomorrow, so you’ve still got time to take advantage of this awesome stock up deal!  Make sure you get your FREE $2 Target gift card from Shopkick if you haven’t already and plan on taking advantage of this deal!  Get yours here–> Free Target gift card from Shopkick


I also got these 10 tubes of Colgate toothpaste earlier this week at Walmart for just $.50 each!  The regular price is $1.25 each and I used my $.75 coupons (sadly they expire today) to get them for this price!  I have been using free samples of toothpaste from the dentist for the past few weeks, so I knew it was time to replenish our stockpile!

See more Walmart deals here–> Walmart Deals

My total out of pocket for these 30 items was $27.80!  The retail value (based on sale prices for the All detergent and Ragu) was $60.90!

What did YOU add to your stockpile this week?  Find out more about how you can build your stockpile and savings on a budget week by week here–> Starting your stockpile on a budget and my 52 week savings plan 

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Getting paid to shop at CVS and Walgreens!

I remember before I really started using coupons, I would hear people talk about all the money they were saving at Walgreens and CVS and I thought they were nuts because to me, drug store prices seemed way higher than places like Target or Walmart.

I made a quick trip to Walgreens and CVS yesterday and after coupons, rebates, ECBs, and RRs, they paid me to buy all of this!

Here’s the breakdown:


2 Speedstick deodorant – 2/$6
1 Skintimate shave gel – $3.49
1 Physician’s Formula mascara – $10.29
1 Trident gum – $1.29

-$5 Physician’s formula coupon
-$6 Physician’s formula CRT (these are the coupons that print off on the receipt)
-$9.99 ECB

Spent $0 OOP (I know if you do the math, it looks like I should owe $, but for some reason they actually had to adjust my ECB down), earned a $3 ECB, $2.50 ECB, $7 ECB and a $.50 ECB (that was my CVS “quarterly” ECB)

3 Puperoni – $1.99/each
1 Speedstick – $1.99
31 Snickers eggs – $.29/each

3 $1/1 Puperoni coupons
10 $1/2 Mars coupons
$4 RR

Spent $0 OOP, earned a $2 RR and a $1 RR

Plus, I will get back a $9.99 rebate from the mascara!

If you’ve been putting off playing the drugstore game, you CAN do it!  I post “newbie” (less than $5 out of pocket) scenarios every week to help you get started.

You can check out my CVS match-ups and scenarios for the week here

You can check out my Walgreens match-ups and scenarios for the week here

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Savings Saturday: A round up of my most recent shopping trips

I have to admit that lately I’ve been in a bit of a shopping slump – I haven’t had the energy to go out and “fight for my deals” which is what I often feel like I have to do because there are so many couponers in the area where I live.  Plus, there are so many people who don’t use coupons correctly that cashiers seem to be instantly suspicious of anyone using coupons.  This week, I did get out and do a few deals.  Here’s the breakdown of my shopping trips from yesterday:

TARGETspent $5.79 OOP, saved $134.81, earned $15 in Target gift cards (check out my weekly Target match-ups for details on some of these deals)

Here’s the breakdown:

2 Circo toddler shorts – $3/each
1 Circo toddler tee – $3
1 Circo girls tunic – $5
5 Circo leggings/tees/skort – $4/each

Used $5/30 Target kids apparel printable

1 Kashi TLC snack bars – $2.79 (used free TLC snack bars WYB 2 Heart to Heart cereals printable)
1 Kashi Heart to Heart cereal – $3.29 (used free coupon from Vocalpoint)
1 Kashi Heart to Heart cereal – $2.89 (used $1.50 coupon from Vocalpoint)

2 Gillette Men’s body washes (8.2 oz) – $1.79/each
1 Gillette Fusion shave gel – $2.99
1 Gillette Men’s body wash (12+ oz) – $3.99

Used $4/2 Gillette body washes manufacturer’s coupon, $1/1 Gillete Men’s body wash Target coupon (from a home mailer), $1/1 Gillette Fusion shave gel manufacturer’s coupon, and free body wash when you buy shave prep manufacturer’s coupon

2 Band Aid character Band Aids (20 ct) – $1.82/each

Used $1/1 Target coupon and $1/1 manufacturer’s coupon

3 Ore Ida Steam ‘n Mash potatoes – $2.50/each

Used 2 $1/1 manufacturer’s coupons and got one free (store promotion – buy 2, get 1 free)

4 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts – $2.50/each

(earned $5 Target gift card from store promotion)

4 pack Gillette Fusion cartridges – $13.99
1 Gillette Fusion razor – $7

Used $5 WYB Gillette Fusion cartridges and Gillette Fusion razor (from a store mailer), Used free Fusion razor WYB cartridges manufacturer’s coupon (deducted $7), earned a $5 Target gift card from a store promotion

Used $5 Target gift card when you spend $50 or more coupon from a recent mailer

Used 3 $5 Target gift cards (from previous store promotions), used $10 Target gift card (from transferring a prescription), used $20 Target gift card (earned from Epoll), used Target gift card with a $2.49 balance from previous return

Total OOP = $5.79

GYMBOREEspent $1.99 OOP, saved $13

Used 20% coupon, used $10 Gymboree Rewards coupon – They didn’t have this swimsuit in the size I needed, so I took advantage of the “Save a sale”  In case you didn’t know, if your Gymboree store doesn’t have something in the store, but they have it online, the store can call and order it for you and they will ship it for FREE!

KROGERspent $26.80, saved $46.71 – they didn’t have some of the items I wanted/needed in stock, so I had to improvise (check out my Kroger weekly match-ups for details on coupons used)

3 Planters peanuts – $1.99 after promotion (used 2 $1.50 printable coupons and 1 free coupon)
1 Tostitos – $2.29 after promotion (used $1 peelie attached)
1 Kraft singles – $1.67 after promotion
11 Skinner pasta – $.50/each after promotion
3 Dial foaming hand soap – $1.49 after promotion (used 3 $.35 coupons which tripled)
4 DelMonte diced tomatoes – $.50/each after promotion (used $1/4 printable coupon)
1 Pam Butter Spray – $1.99 after promotion
1 hot dog buns – $.98
1 Sara Lee Whole Grains white bread – $2.29
3 lbs bananas – $1.15
1 lettuce head – $1.39
1 lb roma tomatoes – $1.29
1 Land ‘O Frost lunch meat – $2 (used $2 printable coupon)
1 cantaloupe – $1.50
Kroger chicken breasts – $6
10 lb bag grapefruit – $2.99

$12 was deducted automatically for the March Madness promotion

Savings Saturday: My $40 weekly shopping trip

This week I combined all of my purchases into one picture. You can see my coupon match-ups and scenarios for CVS here, Kroger here, Target here, and Walgreens here.

My total out of pocket for everything pictured was $37.91. My total savings was $239.70.

I don’t normally include diapers and vitamins in my weekly grocery budget, but they were all free, so I decided to include them in the picture! I plan to take the $2.09 that I have left and buy 3 boxes of Chex cereal at HEB (it is 3/$5 and I have $3/3 peelie coupons which will make it $2 for 3 boxes!)

CVS: I purchased 3 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C ($11.49/each), 1 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin B-12 ($10.99/each), 2 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D ($10.49/each), and 2 packages of Gold Emblem cashews (.99 and .49 because they are buy one, get on 50% off).

The Vitamin B-12 and the Vitamin D were free. I used a $5/20 CVS coupon, 4 $5 Nature’s Bounty coupons, and a $1/2 CVS CRT for Gold Emblem nuts along with my $9 ECB from my previous Nature’s Bounty transaction. I paid $.95 OOP (on a gift card). I received a $9 ECB. My total savings was $66.47.

Kroger: I bought 4 Freschetta pizzas ($3.99/each), 3 Lean Cuisine meals ($1.79/each), Roma tomatoes (.58), 3 bell peppers (.50/each) , 2 cucumbers (.50/each), carrots (.74), baby carrots ($1), 10 lb bag of potatoes ($2.77), 2 packages of El Monterey taquitios ($7.99 – BOGO free), and soy sauce.

I used 4 $1/1 Freschetta coupons, a $1/3 Lean Cuisine coupon, and 2 $1 El Monterey coupons. My total OOP was $31.51. I saved $33.28.

Target: I bought a Mott’s apple juice ($1.79), Oscar Mayer lunch meat ($2.79), 2 Ore Ida french fries ($2.59/each), 2 Market Pantry hashbrown potatoes ($2.69/each).

I used a $1 Mott’s Target printable, a $1 Oscar Mayer Target printable, and a $1.50/2 Ore Ida printable. The Market Pantry potatoes were free (there is a promotion this week where you get a free Market Pantry potatoes with the purchase of Ore Ida potatoes). I paid $6.26 OOP. I saved $17.78.

Walgreens: I purchased 2 Schepp’s milk ($2.19/each), 2 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($2/each), 5 packages of Papermate mechanical pencils ($.19/each), 2 packages of Pampers diapers ($10/each), and one Bayer blood glucose monitor ($14.99)

I used the following coupons ($1/1 Schepp’s milk, 2 $1/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printables, 2 $2 Pampers coupons, Save up to $30 Bayer monitor coupon – deducted $14.99, 2 $8 RRs, 3 $2 RRs). I paid $.14 OOP and saved $122.17. I received a $2 RR (cereal), $3.50 RR (diapers), and $5 RR (monitor).

Savings Saturday: Kroger and Walgreens trips

I have been in a bit of a shopping rut lately, but I managed to get out today to Kroger and Walgreens.

At Walgreens, I had $46 in RR to “roll.” I mainly bought items that we would use. My husband only uses the Gillette deodorant and it hardly ever goes on sale. I would have liked to buy more, but it was hard to find things to roll the $2 PG RR into. I did 8 separate transactions at 3 different stores. My total OOP was $2.36. I still have $24 in RR left to spend. My scenarios for the week are mainly here although I did change some things up based on what was in stock and also because I found out about the BOGO free Almay mascara deal after I made my initial scenarios. (I will send off for the $5 Dulcolax rebate, too, so technically, I will come out $2.64 ahead!

I hadn’t been grocery shopping in two weeks, so this was a major “stock up” trip for me. My total OOP was $57.35. My total before coupons was $221.88, so I saved $164.53 and I earned two $.10 off gas rewards, too. I bought 70 Mega sale items (so $35 was deducted automatically for that). I bought a total of 111 items, so the total cost per item was $.52. There was $7.93 in “non-grocery” items included (laundry detergent and Kleenex). Technically, I’m still over my $40 weekly budget by $9.42, but considering that I didn’t buy groceries last week with the exception of milk, I’m OK with that and I’m still under budget for the month.

Here’s a run down of what I got:

Mega sale items (see coupon match-ups here)
3 All Small & Mighty
2 Banquet Brown ‘N Serve sausage
2 Quaker granola bars
4 Betty Crocker potato pouches
1 Bird’s Eye steamfresh vegetables
2 Bird’s Eye steamfresh meals
1 Bumble Bee tuna pouch
4 Carnation milk
2 Chex mix
5 DelMonte tomatoes
3 Dole Mandarin oranges
1 Heinz ketchup
3 Hormel chili
1 Hormel peperoni
6 Keebler cookies
2 Ore Ida hashbrown potatoes
1 Snuggle fabric softener
5 Sunny Delight
2 Cheez It crackers
6 Uncle Ben’s rice
3 Kleenex
1 Kotex
2 Tombstone pizzas
2 Daisy sour cream
1 Ken’s salad dressing
5 Gatorade

Other items:
1 loaf Sara Lee Bread
1 bag Sara Lee mini bagels (free with bread purchase coupon)
4 grapefruit
2 dozen eggs (used BOGO free printable coupon, no longer available)
6 Armour Vienna sausage (used .60/6 coupon from home mailer)
3 lbs grapes
1 gallon milk
12 Campbell’s soups (cream of chicken & cream of mushroom)
6 Kroger chicken broth
2 cans Kroger enchilada sauce
2 lbs bananas
1 bag frozen chicken breasts