Savings Saturday: Kroger and Walgreens trips

I have been in a bit of a shopping rut lately, but I managed to get out today to Kroger and Walgreens.

At Walgreens, I had $46 in RR to “roll.” I mainly bought items that we would use. My husband only uses the Gillette deodorant and it hardly ever goes on sale. I would have liked to buy more, but it was hard to find things to roll the $2 PG RR into. I did 8 separate transactions at 3 different stores. My total OOP was $2.36. I still have $24 in RR left to spend. My scenarios for the week are mainly here although I did change some things up based on what was in stock and also because I found out about the BOGO free Almay mascara deal after I made my initial scenarios. (I will send off for the $5 Dulcolax rebate, too, so technically, I will come out $2.64 ahead!

I hadn’t been grocery shopping in two weeks, so this was a major “stock up” trip for me. My total OOP was $57.35. My total before coupons was $221.88, so I saved $164.53 and I earned two $.10 off gas rewards, too. I bought 70 Mega sale items (so $35 was deducted automatically for that). I bought a total of 111 items, so the total cost per item was $.52. There was $7.93 in “non-grocery” items included (laundry detergent and Kleenex). Technically, I’m still over my $40 weekly budget by $9.42, but considering that I didn’t buy groceries last week with the exception of milk, I’m OK with that and I’m still under budget for the month.

Here’s a run down of what I got:

Mega sale items (see coupon match-ups here)
3 All Small & Mighty
2 Banquet Brown ‘N Serve sausage
2 Quaker granola bars
4 Betty Crocker potato pouches
1 Bird’s Eye steamfresh vegetables
2 Bird’s Eye steamfresh meals
1 Bumble Bee tuna pouch
4 Carnation milk
2 Chex mix
5 DelMonte tomatoes
3 Dole Mandarin oranges
1 Heinz ketchup
3 Hormel chili
1 Hormel peperoni
6 Keebler cookies
2 Ore Ida hashbrown potatoes
1 Snuggle fabric softener
5 Sunny Delight
2 Cheez It crackers
6 Uncle Ben’s rice
3 Kleenex
1 Kotex
2 Tombstone pizzas
2 Daisy sour cream
1 Ken’s salad dressing
5 Gatorade

Other items:
1 loaf Sara Lee Bread
1 bag Sara Lee mini bagels (free with bread purchase coupon)
4 grapefruit
2 dozen eggs (used BOGO free printable coupon, no longer available)
6 Armour Vienna sausage (used .60/6 coupon from home mailer)
3 lbs grapes
1 gallon milk
12 Campbell’s soups (cream of chicken & cream of mushroom)
6 Kroger chicken broth
2 cans Kroger enchilada sauce
2 lbs bananas
1 bag frozen chicken breasts