My $40 weekly grocery budget shopping trip

I typically post this on Saturdays, but the stomach bug that got my kids all last week finally got to me, so I’m a little behind on everything.

If you’re just starting to read my blog, you may want to click here to read about my challenge for 2009, so you’ll get a better understanding of how this all works. My Kroger stores triple three like coupons up to .35 face value and double three like coupons up to .50 face value. My Randalls stores triple one like coupon up to .35 face value and double one like coupon up to .50 face value.

Here’s a summary of my shopping trips: (my total spent for groceries for the week was $34.09)

Target: Total OOP = $3.17. I used a $10 gift card I got from Lila Guide, so my total before the gift card was $13.17. The chicken breasts were on sale for $5.99, the Pop Tarts were .19/box using coupons, the Carnation Instant breakfast was $2.29 per canister using coupons, and the dog treats were $.92/each using coupons. Check out this post to see my coupon match-ups and find other Target coupon deals.

Kroger: Total OOP = $51.60. There are some items in this picture that don’t “count” toward my weekly $40 budget (like the diapers, the dog treats, and the toilet paper). I just included them so you could see the “big picture.” My total OOP without the diapers, dog treats, and toilet paper was $30.92. I will also get $2.25 back from Caregivers for the Huggies.

The match ups for the Daytona items are listed here, so I won’t be listing them in this post. I had originally purchased Pull-Ups because they were on sale also and other areas had them listed as being part of the deal, but they are not part of the deal in my area, so I had to return them and exchange them for some diapers.

Here’s what I got: 3 packages Cottonelle (used 2 $1 printables and 1 .50 printable which doubled plus a .25 Cellfire coupon), 6 cans Kroger broth, 2 gallons milk, 3 bell peppers (they are on sale 3/$1), bananas, sirloin steak, 2 cans Vienna sausage, 4 cans tomato sauce, 1 can chickpeas, yogurt (free coupon from Kroger mailer), eggs (I bought Egglands best so I could use the .35/1 coupon which tripled), and dog treats. Then, from the Daytona deals, I got: 3 packages Huggies, hot dog buns, Totinos pizza rolls, 3 boxes Ritz crackers, 8 jars Ragu sauce, 6 cans Chef Boyardee, 4 cans Pillsbury biscuits, 3 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit Stickerz, and one bottle of Kroger dressing.

Here are my updated savings totals: (if you’re new to my blog and not familiar with my savings goals, click here)

Baby Emergency fund – $764.92 (Goal = $1000)
Gift savings – $132.42 (Goal = $1500)
Rolling entertainment fund – $0 (Goal = $500)

Sadly, I didn’t add anything to any of my savings funds this week. I had a great mail week, though. Here are some of the highlights: (off the top of my head!)

*$20 in Target gift cards thanks to Swagbucks. (When you cash out for gift cards, they are actually “E-cards” but I used that to pay for regular gift cards!)

*My “freebies” from the Kraft instant win game –
*1 coupon for a free package of any Kraft regular, 2% milk natural cheese, cracker barrel, or Polly-O (any variety of shredded, chunks, cubes, cracker cuts or string, up to $3.99)
*1 coupon for a free planters snack product (up to $5.00)
*1 coupon for free Nabisco cracker product (up to 16 oz. up to $4.49)
shows Ritz, Triscuit and Wheat thins on the coupon

*My free Kid’s “Boost” coupon – click here to get yours

*A free coupon for tomatoes from DelMonte

*Free samples of Emergen-C Kidz from SheSpeaks

*Kroger coupons

*A 20% off Gymboree coupon

Here’s how much I have saved at individual stores:
Total Target savings – $165.40 to date (47% savings)

Total CVS savings – $272.75 (84% savings…this would probably be higher, but I do buy my stamps there to go toward my quarterly ECB earnings and you can’t use ECBs to pay for those!) – this # has not been updated because I have not entered my receipts for the week into my spreadsheet yet

Total Kroger savings – $228.25(55% savings)

Total Randalls savings – $76.33 (88% savings)

**If you’re looking for spreadsheets to help you track your savings, there are some good ones here on the Mommy Snacks blog


  1. Melissa- I never thought of using the e-card to buy a regular GC- you’re a genius!