My $40 weekly grocery budget shopping trip

If you’re just starting to read my blog, you may want to click here to read about my challenge for 2009, so you’ll get a better understanding of how this all works. My Kroger stores triple three like coupons up to .35 face value and double three like coupons up to .50 face value. My Randalls stores triple one like coupon up to .35 face value and double one like coupon up to .50 face value.

Here’s a summary of my trips for the week:

Kroger – Total OOP = $22.69 – Some of the items we purchased are not pictured here (the “cold” stuff mainly) Here’s what we got: 2 cans 98% FF cream of chicken soup, 2 cans 98%FF cream of mushroom soup, 6 boxes BC Fruit Stickerz, 20 flour tortillas, Blue Bell ice cream (1/2 gallon), 2 pounds grapes, saltines, Pace Picante sauce, Olive Oil, 2 cans enchilada sauce, 6 cans Chef Boyardee ravioli and ABCs&123s, and 1 gallon milk. The biggest budget killer in this group is the EVOO which was $4.79 for the store brand! I have a catalina for $1.50 OYNP from the Fruit Stickerz. I sent my husband on this shopping run and I think it’ll be awhile before he goes again. One of the “Daytona” items didn’t show up on the receipt. I go through this regularly when I shop because my store doesn’t mark things very well, so you have to guess which items “count” and I end up at customer service trying to work it all out.

CVS: Total OOP = $0, earned $21.97 ECB – My store starts the Sunday sale early, so I was able to get some items from both weeks all at once! You can check out my scenarios for this week here.

Target: Total OOP = $18.65 ($14.97 without the dog treats) – Here’s what I got: 2 boxes Quaker granola bars, 2 boxes Kashi breakfast bars, 2 packages Market Pantry juice (8 packs), 2 cans Progresso soup, 1 gallon whole milk, 1 package Kraft cheese sticks, 10 packages Juicy Juice (8 ct) (we will be well stocked on juice for awhile now! I paid $3.80 for all 10 boxes…the regular price without coupons would have been $22.50!), 8 containers Yoplait yogurt, 4 boxes Kelloggs Pop Tarts. The coupon match-ups are here.

Here are my updated savings totals: (if you’re new to my blog and not familiar with my savings goals, click here

Baby Emergency fund – $793.10(Goal = $1000) – added $4.49 payment from Theraflu rebate, $9 rebate from Caregivers Marketplace, $3 payment from Pinecone Research, and $11.69 payment from Associated Content
Gift savings – $132.42 (Goal = $1500)
Rolling entertainment fund – $0 (Goal = $500)

*$10 in Target gift cards thanks to Lila Guide
*$10 in Amazon gift cards thanks to Swagbucks

I haven’t had a chance yet this week to update my savings totals.