Savings Saturday: My $40 weekly budget

If you’re just starting to read my blog, you may want to click here to read about my challenge for 2009, so you’ll get a better understanding of how this all works. My Kroger stores triple three like coupons up to .35 face value and double three like coupons up to .50 face value. My Randalls stores triple one like coupon up to .35 face value and double one like coupon up to .50 face value.

Here’s a summary of my shopping trips:

Randalls: Total OOP = $7.59 – I went to Randalls to pick up a few ads so I had some extra copies of the $30 coupon for new or transferred prescriptions since they are good until March. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but as I glanced at the ad, I noticed that they had 4 12 packs of soda for $7.99, which was a deal I couldn’t pass up. I had thrown in some Twizzlers also. For some reason, even with the Twizzlers, it only rang up at $7.59 after I gave them my Randalls card. I checked my receipt and everything that I bought was listed, so I’m not sure what happened, but I am not complaining 🙂

Kroger: Total OOP = $32.76 (I went over budget by .35 this week. I should have been just under budget, but when I got to the register, I realized that I had an extra bag of cheese in my cart that I hadn’t planned on buying and I just went ahead and bought it anyway….there was a long line and I didn’t want for someone to have to put it back) Here’s what I got: 13 bags of cheese (yes, you can freeze cheese, but all of the expiration dates are May or June, so we will probably use them all before then…I used the .75/1 blinkies on these), 2 boxes of Kleenex (used .40/1 coupons which doubled), 1 container Daisy sour cream (used .50 coupon which doubled), 3 cans Rotel, bananas, Juicy Juice (used $1 coupon), cucumbers, cantaloupe, carrots, clery, rice, DelMonte grapefruit (used free coupon from home mailer), Dannon yogurt (used free coupon from home mailer), 2 Vienna sausage, avocadoes, roma tomatoes, 3 packages Jell-O pudding (used .50 coupons which doubled), chicken marinade, ricotta cheese, parsley, one gallon of milk

Here are my updated savings totals: (if you’re new to my blog and not familiar with my savings goals, click here)

Baby Emergency fund – $764.92 (Goal = $1000) – I got $16 in rebate checks

Gift savings – $132.42 (Goal = $1500)

Rolling entertainment fund – $0 (Goal = $500)

I also cashed out for $35 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks (which technically could go toward my gift savings because that’s what it will be used for).

Here’s how much I have saved at individual stores:

Total Target savings – $139.27 to date (45% savings)

Total CVS savings
– $272.75 (84% savings…this would probably be higher, but I do buy my stamps there to go toward my quarterly ECB earnings and you can’t use ECBs to pay for those!) – this # has not been updated because I have not entered my receipts for the week into my spreadsheet yet

Total Kroger savings – $172.54(57% savings)

Total Randalls savings – $76.33 (88% savings)

**If you’re looking for spreadsheets to help you track your savings, there are some good ones here on the Mommy Snacks blog

Question of the Week: Where’s the beef?
You may notice that my weekly grocery trip this week didn’t include any sort of meat. One of the beauties of having a stockpile is that sometimes you don’t have to buy meat. This week, I chose to use my budget to stock up on other items that I will use (like cheese) because I already have plenty of meat in the freezer and there weren’t really any good sales this week.