Bargain High! My shopping trips so far this week…

I’m on a total bargain high right now!

Here are a few of my trips so far this week:

Trip #1: Kroger Mega Sale and CVS School Supply deals

I know I haven’t posted the specifics, but the Kroger Mega sale is GREAT! You get an instant $5 off when you purchase 10 participating items and it continues through next week!

Kroger: 3 bags Kraft shredded cheese (use 3 .50/1 tear pad coupons that doubled), Daisy sour cream (used .50/1 coupon that doubled), 4 Kraft salad dressings (used 4 $1/1 insert coupons), 2 Quaker granola bars (used $1/2 coupon from a Kroger mailer), watermelon (used free produce when you buy 2 Kraft salad dressings coupon), cantaloupe (used free produce when you buy 2 Kraft salad dressings coupon), Nestle chocolate chips (used free coupon from a Kroger mailer), total OOP – $5.52 (total savings = $23.99/81%)

CVS: 2 1″ vinyl binders, 2 packages PaperMate pens, 2 packages filler paper, 2 memo pads, total OOP = $0 (paid for all items using ECBs, all items were free after ECBs)

Trip #2: Kroger Mega Sale (not pictured)

The Amp energy drinks are a part of the mega sale promotion. In my area, they are $.99 after the instant $5 comes off. There is a catalina promotion where you get a $10 Kroger gift card when you buy 10 Amp energy drinks. So, I bought ten and got a $10 gift card back!

Trip #3: Target

Target has these sippy cups that are ringing up at $1.62-$1.87. The “boy” cups have sports balls or cars and the “girl” cups I have found have tea cups and houses. These are NOT marked and are on the shelves with tags that say that they are $6.99. They have straws and say “Twist ‘n Click” on them. Only the printed cups/double packs work. The solid colors do not work. Check the price at a scanner before buying them. The UPC# is 0 78300 05857 1. This is an awesome deal if you can find them! (at my store they have restocked them!)

Trip #4: Kroger Mega Sale

I bought the following: Tostito’s chips, Smart Balance spread (used $1 catalina coupon), Go-Gurt (used .35/1 insert coupon), Yoplait kids yogurt (used .40/1 printable coupon plus .80/2 Cellfire loadable), 3 bags Kraft cheese (used 3 .50/1 Kraft tear pad coupons), 6 boxes Kleenex tissue (used 2 .50/3 printables from, 2 Sunny Delight (used 2 .25/1 coupon from All You and Family Circle magazines), 3 Kraft salad dressing (used 3 $1 insert coupons), 3 Daisy sour cream (used 3 .50/1 insert coupons), 2 Dixie plates (used 2 .50/1 insert coupons), 2 Keebler cookies (used 2 $1 printables), 2 Cheez-Its, 2 Stayfree pads (used BOGO free insert coupon and $1/1 coupon from, 1 gallon milk, 1 Philadelphia cream cheese, 4 Softsoap hand soaps (used 3 $1/1 printables and 1 .40/1 printable), 2 Quaker granola bars (used .75/2 insert coupon), 1 Chex mix (used .50/1 printable and .50/1 Cellfire), 1 Sargento cheese (used $1/1 coupon from Kroger mailer), Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread, DiGiorno Flatbread pizza (used free coupon from mailer), 1 Dreyer’s ice cream (used $2/1 catalina coupon), 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, 2 cans Mighty Dog dog food (used 2 free insert coupons), bananas (used free produce when you buy 2 Kraft dressings coupons), and Betty Crocker frosting (used .50/1 printable and .50/1 Shortcuts loadable).

In addition to the coupons I used, $20 was taken off for the Mega Sale (there is no limit on transactions!) My total OOP = 28.84 (Total savings = $89.82/75%). $5.91 of this was for household/toiletries (Kleenex, Stayfree, Dixie plates, etc.) which I do not count toward my grocery budget. I also received a $1 OYNO catalina for buying the Kleenex (reportedly, you receive 1 for every 4 Kleenex you buy).

Total spent on groceries for the week = $39.26 (I still have my $10 gift card and $1 OYNO catalina if I decide I want to buy more this week).


  1. Baby Maker says:

    they sippy cup image isnt showing, is it the playtex cups? I might run to target if it is!

  2. Melissa says:

    Yes, they are Playtex cups.

  3. Baby Maker says:

    I just ran to the closest target and not a single one, girls or boys…I haven't seen this posted on SD so I guess someone figured it out! Dang! My kids love those cups but tend to chew the straws up. I was gonna stock up at $1 a cup!

  4. You are good :-)!

  5. i did awful at the mega sale! dang it. i need to get better.

  6. Jenna ~ Don't feel bad – getting the hang of things takes time! I think it took me about an hour yesterday morning to get my scenarios planned out and coupons together and this is actually the first time when I've done a big purchase like this where something didn't go wrong and I didn't have to go to customer service to try to fix it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are amazing! There are only going to be three of us home starting in a couple of weeks so I am going to amp up my couponing even more. Thanks for all of your suggestions.


    *I guess since the boys are going to be on the "all you can eat" plan at school, I should have them ship food home to me! 😉