Weight Loss Wednesday: My Weight Loss Goals for the New Year!


If you read my What to Expect in 2013 post, then you may have had a heads up Today was supposed to be “the day.”  The DAY that I once again commit to start on a Weight Loss Journey.  This is a journey I’ve started many times before and one that I have yet to be able to actually follow through on.  I could come up with a million excuses.  That’s the problem.  I put everything and everyone else before my weight loss goals and I always fail miserably, sometimes within days, sometimes within weeks.  Maybe you’ve been there and done that, too.  And if your weight has been up and down your entire life like mine has, then you also know that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.  It doesn’t matter how many episodes of Biggest Loser you watch on TV.  Losing weight is a personal commitment and when you’re ready to commit to it, it works, and if you’re not ready to commit, it doesn’t work.

I’m REALLY hoping that this time around I’m ready to commit! I’m hoping that by posting here weekly, I’ll hold myself accountable and maybe you guys will hold me accountable, too!  I’m hoping if you’ve got weight to lose that maybe you’ll be inspired to join me on this journey and I’ve got some great prizes to give away to help inspire you and keep you going (and hopefully keep myself going, too!)


Since I’ve struggled with weight issues for a LONG time now, I know what my roadblocks are.  One of them is organization.  I’m usually pretty good at healthy breakfasts.  I usually can even manage a healthy lunch.  The problem is that I get home from work and I’m STARVING.  My kids have this issue, too.  So we end up filling up on junk food for a “quick fix.”  To combat this, my plan is to MEAL PLAN and to have healthy snacks ready to go.  I plan to use Saturdays or Sundays to cut up fruits and veggies and to have them easily accessible.

Through the years, I’ve tried pretty much every diet out there.  Trying to lose weight is all about will power and even though I am sure I’d probably see more drastic results by doing a no carb diet, I also know that I don’t have the willpower to follow through with that right now.  I need to do something that I can stick with so that I can see results and stick with it.  I have done Weight Watchers in the past and that is the plan that has worked the best for me, so that’s what I plan on doing this time around.  I love that they have an app now and that it’s so easy to keep up with your eating.  It will even alert you and remind you to enter your meals for the day!  My goal over this next week is to track, track, track and to stick to my points limits!

I’d love to be able to say that I am going to exercise EVERY day, but going from almost nothing to every day is completely unrealistic and again, I don’t want to set myself up for failure.  My goal for this week is to exercise at least 3 days and in order to do that, it’s once again going to be a matter of planning and organization.

I also need to drink more water!  This is seriously a struggle for me and some days I get home from work and realize that I haven’t had any water to drink all day!  My plan is to buy a big water mug and fill it up in the mornings and drink from it at work all day.  I’m also going to attempt to give up Diet Coke, which is HUGE for me!

So that’s my plan for this week.  I’m taking it one step at a time and not giving up if I have a bad day.  I had hoped to start today, but it didn’t go as well as I had planned, so tomorrow is a new day!

Are you starting a weight loss journey this week?  What are YOUR plans to get the weight off?

*Just a note: I did not receive any compensation from Weight Watchers for writing this post – I just really love and believe in their program!  Please refer to my disclosure policy for additional information.


  1. I signed up for we yesterday as well! I want this baby weight back off! Our goals are similar 😉

    • Amanda – you were totally an inspiration to me with everything you did before! I really want to do Couch 2 5K. Right now, though, I’m taking BABY steps! I think that’s one of the problems I’ve had in the fast. I try to do too much too fast and I burn out and give up…

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