Thrifty Thursday: The "gift" closet

When I was a kid, my mom kept all of our Christmas and birthday gifts that she would buy throughout the year stashed in her closet under lock and key.  I guess I learned a bit from her because now I have my own “gift closet” and I stock it with deals that I get throughout the year.

Here are some reasons why a “gift closet” pays off:
*You spend less in the long run because you are not paying full price for things

*You always have a gifts on hand for those last minute birthday party invites that you receive

*You can sit back and enjoy the holidays a bit more because you’re not having to deal with all of the crowds to get last minute shopping done

Here are some starting your “gift closet”:

*Find a spot to store your stash (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a closet – you can use space under beds or even storage bins)

*Make a list of people that you traditionally buy gifts for throughout the year (birthdays, Christmas, etc.).

*Look for hot deals on items that you could use as gifts for people on your list throughout the year (Target usually clearances toys in January and July, Amazon has big clearance sales starting in November, and other stores offer clearance deals throughout the year).  As you find items and add them to your stash, write what you’ve purchased next to that person’s name on the list, so you know what you have and who it’s for and also so you know who you have left to buy for.

*Your gift stash doesn’t have to just be birthday and Christmas gifts.  I also keep a stash of things that I can use for baby shower gifts and other occasions, too!  If you buy “extras” for people who are not on your list, make sure that you keep a list of what you’ve got!

Do you shop for gifts throughout the year?  How do you keep track of your stash??

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  1. Annie Kate says:

    I used to do that but it no longer seems to work for me. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because the kids are older and have very specific wants: this model # of that computer gizmo, etc.

    But for many years it did work.

    Annie Kate

  2. Melissa says:

    Annie ~ I'm dreading those days! I know my friends with "older" kids are in that boat already…they only have to buy one or two things for their kiddos but they are all SPENDY!

  3. I start right around now for Christmas. I put the stuff in storage bins. My kids don't know the difference because our house has a ton of them. Then I keep everything written down in a notebook by child's name and how much I spent. I buy mostly little things, like from the dollar section at Target, right now. Then I wait for good deals on bigger items for later.

  4. FoodontheTable says:

    This is a good idea. It looks like I will have to make some space in my closet!


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