Thrifty Thursday: The reason for the season

This week’s thrifty Thursday is in honor of my daughter. On Wednesday, I took her out to do some last minute shopping with me. I had a $10 off any $10 purchase coupon for JC Penney and I told her that she could pick something out. She loves nativities and found one right away. It was marked down to 60% off, so with the coupon, it was only .39! She was pretty proud of herself.

Here’s a thrify tip for the week. Wait about a week until stores have their wrapping paper clearanced to 75-90% off and stock up for next year. Last year I got really great wrapping paper sets that included the gift tags and bows along with really nice wrapping paper for about $1 each. I have a wrapping paper holder (these are a great investment if you don’t have one), so I just stashed it all in there to wait for this Christmas!