Thrifty Thursday: My Walgreens trip for the week

My Thrifty Thursday tip of the day is to always have a back up plan. I posted my Walgreens scenario for the week here. Unfortunately, no matter how well you try to plan, sometimes things don’t work out. I forgot my $2 Revlon coupon and they were all out of the Hunt’s tomato sauce. I was trying to figure out what fillers to get. Candy would have been a cheap option, but I decided against it because I’m really trying to cut out candy. I wanted to get something I needed/would use, so I decided on some cards. My OOP ended up being $3.91, which was more than I had planned, but I had to improvise, and I would have ended up buying the cards at some point anyway. Plus, I paid with a gift card 🙂 I also ended up with a $3 RR from the cereal and I will get a $1.50 Easysaver rebate from the Electrasol. The best part of this is that none of it will come out of my weekly grocery budget.