Thrifty Thursday: Reward your kids with free Chuck E Cheese tokens!

Are you looking for a fun, free and motivating way to reward your kids for their accomplishments?  Chuck E. Cheese offers free printable rewards calendars! 

Here’s how this works:

1.  Download and print out the calendar

2.  Mark the days off with a pen or sticker as your child accomplishes their goals

3.  Bring your completed calendar in to Chuck E. Cheese and your child will get 10 free tokens as a reward!

My kids love Chuck E. Cheese, so the incentive of ten free tokens is great for me and for them, too.  (Here’s my “tip” ~ we go early, when they first open and then we have the place pretty much to ourselves!)

(Note:  A pizza purchase is required, but it doesn’t specify a size, so you should be able to order a personal pizza, which my kids could share)

Here are some of the rewards they offer:

*Active Kid Rewards (two weeks straight of physical activity)
*Clean  Your Room (two weeks straight with a clean room)
*Getting Dressed (two weeks straight of getting dressed independently)
*Good Night’s Sleep! (two weeks straight of getting a good night’s sleep)
*Good Patient Award (making it through a doctor’s visit!)
*Homework First (two weeks straight of completing homework before anything else)
*Magical Manners (five straight days of “good manners”)
*Potty Perfect (two weeks straight of no accidents!)
*Reading Rewards (two weeks straight of reading)
*Sports Awards (Best Attitude, Best Team Spirit, Best Improvement, Best Sportsmanship)
*Stop Thumb Sucking (two weeks straight of not sucking thumbs)
*Teeth Brushing (two weeks straight of brushing teeth independently)
*Tooth Fairy Award (just for losing a tooth!)

Chuck E. Cheese also offers “Tokens for Grades.”  Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades (this offer is valid for 15 tokens, with a food purchase only)

Don’t forget to join their e-mail list to register for “hot” coupons!

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  1. Coupon Teacher says:

    This is a great motivator for kids!