Thrifty Thursday: Saving your receipts adds up!

Saving receipts from items you may be buying regularly can really add up. If you haven’t discovered The Caregivers Marketplace already, you need to check it out! They provide cash back on every day items used to provide care.

Here are some of the participating products and the amount of cash back you get for purchasing them:

*Balmex diaper creme – $1 cash back
*Cottonelle moist wipes – .50 cash back
*GoodNites – .75 cash back
*Huggies diapers/Little swimmers – .75 cash back
*Nature Made vitamins – $1 cash back
*Pull Ups – .75 cash back

Unlike other rebate or cash back offers, you do not need to send in UPCs. Here’s how you can get your cash back:

1. Complete the registration form here

2. Save your receipts! (You need to purchase five qualifying items before you can submit them)

3. Print and complete the cash back form here

4. Mail the form and receipts in and your check should arrive within 4-6 weeks!

*There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can receive within a calendar year!