My $40 weekly grocery budget

I typically do my grocery shopping on Saturdays, but that didn’t work out this week because of other things that were going on, so I went today, but even at that didn’t make it everywhere I wanted to go. My kids were totally out of their routine (and super cranky as a result) and my husband had to work late.

Here’s what I got for $29.95 this week:

Randalls – 2 cans chicken & rice soup, 3 jars Prego sauce (I have a huge stockpile of this, but I’ll be making manicotti for my husband’s birthday on Sunday and I don’t have the right kind for that….I basically only make it once a year and so I didn’t even think to buy sauce for it when I was stocking up a few months ago!), 2 boxes Barilla manicotti shells, 2 gallons milk (used $1 off milk when you buy Sara Lee bread coupon), bread, 3 pounds bananas

Paid $3.25 OOP (spent $16.38 on a gift card)

There weren’t really any great deals at Randalls other than the milk. They have several types of Barilla pasta 10/$10, which is why I went there, but of course, they didn’t have what I wanted for that cheap…at least it was on sale. I figured since I was there, I’d pick up a few things and go ahead and use my gift card since I hardly ever shop at Randalls.

Target – lunchmeat (used a .55/1 coupon and there is a MIR, so it will be a total moneymaker for me because I will get the pre-coupon amount back), frozen chicken breasts, bagged salad, canned tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, kidney beans, Ranch style beans, Vienna sausage (my daughter loves these and it’s one of the few things she will eat at lunch these days), Pepperidge Farm stuffing (other brands would have been cheaper, but I love theirs the most), Pillsbury biscuits (used .75 off coupon), 10 Sobe Life water

Paid $26.70 OOP

If you haven’t done the Sobe Life water deal yet, it goes through 1/24 and the details are here

I still have $10.05 left to spend for the week. I plan on going to Kroger tomorrow to get some of their fruits and veggies that are a part of the 10/$10 sale.

Here are my updated savings totals:
Baby Emergency fund – 698.92 (Goal = $1000)
Gift savings – $132.42 (Goal = $1500)
Rolling entertainment fund – $0 (Goal = $500)

Here’s how much I have saved at individual stores:

Total Target savings – $130.27 to date (44% savings)
Total CVS savings – $187.77 (78% savings…this would probably be higher, but I do buy my stamps there to go toward my quarterly ECB earnings and you can’t use ECBs to pay for those!)
Total Kroger savings – $21.34 (33% savings)
Total Randalls savings – $58.34 (95% savings) – I have paid for most items here with gift cards/coupons so far this year

**If you’re looking for spreadsheets to help you track your savings, there are some good ones here on the Mommy Snacks blog


  1. DeAna, Joshua and Family says:

    What does OOP mean again? Also, a suggestion for you. You can buy a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four from Angel Food Ministries for only $30 (that will save you $10 from what you are spending now).