My $40 weekly grocery budget shopping trip

It’s been awhile since I have done one of these posts. I usually do my grocery shopping early on Saturday morning and my son has swimming lessons also on Saturday mornings, so by the time I get home from shopping, I’m running around to make sure that everything gets put away and that we get out the door in time and I don’t get a chance to take a picture. By 10 in the morning Saturday, I had hit up four different grocery stores and Target. I don’t normally go to that many grocery stores, but there were some deals that I just didn’t want to pass up and I’m lucky enough to have them all down one street within minutes of my house.

Here’s the breakdown:

Fiesta – 2 cantaloupes (.99/each) and 2 bags of rice (.99/each) – total spent = $3.96

HEB – 3 Lunchables ($1/each), strawberries ($1.50) and cucumbers (2/$1) – total spent = $5.50

Kroger – I did two separate transactions here utilizing the Daytona deals (see the breakdown/coupon match-ups here). On my first transaction, I bought 6 boxes of fruit snacks, 3 cans of Chef Boyardee, and one bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce. I earned a $3.50 OYNO catalina from the fruit snacks which I applied to my second transaction. On my second transaction, I bought: 2 boxes of Lucky Charms, 1 bag of Banquet chicken nuggets, 2 brownie mixes, 4 packages of hot dogs, Kroger cheese slices, 2 Kraft cheese slices, A1 sauce, and watermelon – total spent = $13.08 ($4.83 on transaction #1 and $8.25 on transaction #2)

Randalls – 10 boxes of Pop Tarts (in the add it says that they are $.99/each for every five you buy, but at my store, they actually ended up being $.79/each), 4 bags of Goldfish (.99/each!), 1 gallon of milk ($1.99), Precious string cheese (they had $2 peelie coupons making them $1.99/each!), Mrs. Baird’s bread ($1.29 w/ in ad coupon), blueberries – $1.88, raspberries – $2.50, and Rosarita refried beans ($.99) – total spent = 17.50

Target – grapes (they were .99/lb), 4 Eggos bake shoppe items, and 3 Dreyer’s ice cream mini containers (the Eggos and Dreyer’s aren’t pictured because after all that running around, they needed to go straight into the fridge) – total spent = $4.55 (paid with a gift card)

Total OOP = $40.04
Total savings = $100.19!