Mail call

I’ve posted about several “freebies” recently, so I just thought I’d share the things I’ve gotten in the mail so far this week so you can see that this stuff really does work:

*$10 in Target gift cards from Lila Guide. The details are here:

*A Procter and Gamble book with tons of great coupons that have late expiration dates!

*A package from Psst with a box of Chex Mix turtle bars and several coupons for $1.50/1 (which I’m guessing will make these free or very close to free if I watch the sale ads):
(see link above)

*A package from Bzz Agent with my latest BzzKit for Smucker’s Uncrustables:

*A package from Quaker with a full size box of Quaker protein granola bars (peanut butter and chocolate – MMMMM!), two sample size boxes of Life cinnamon cereal, some Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars, and several coupons!

*A $10 check from (post to come!)


  1. What level Bzz Agent are you? I’ve been doing it about a year and am finally a 4, but I didn’t get an offer for the uncrustables- dang it!