Savings Saturday: A great mail week

This week was a great mail week, so I thought I’d share a few of the things that I received:

*$10 gift card to Target from Lila Guide for having new members join my group (if you write 10 reviews, you can get a $5 gift card…click here for details)

*$15 gift card to Target for cashing out points on Epoll (this is a survey company where you mainly do surveys related to TV shows…it’s quick and easy and you can sign up here)

*Ghiradelli peanut butter chocolate squares to sample and share along with coupons from She Speaks (this company is similar to Bzz Agent…you can join here)

*A $12 rebate check from the December Walgreens Easysaver rebate (now that it’s online, it is super fast!)

*A free Kashi Blackberry Graham soft-baked cereal bar from Vocal Point and a bunch of $2 off coupons (Vocal Point is similar to Bzz Agent where they send you products to try out and coupons….sign up here)

*A free Kashi Blackberry Graham soft-baked cereal bar from Kashi and a bunch of $2 off coupons (sign up for Kashi products here)

*A coupon for a free burrito at Mission Burrito – I’m thinking that’s because I live in the area, but YUM!

*A $1.50/1 Pampers jumbo pack or larger coupon

*A Kroger coupon book

*The Pillsbury $10 coupon book (I posted about that here)

This week I also got paid $6 for an article I wrote for Associated Content.

The $18 I got this week ($12 from the Easysaver rebate and $6 from Associated Content) will go toward my baby emergency fund.

Here are my updated savings totals:

Baby Emergency fund – $672 (Goal = $1000)
Gift savings – $132.42 (Goal = $1500)
Rolling entertainment fund – $0 (Goal = $500)

Here’s how much I have saved at individual stores:
Total Target savings – $35.57 to date
Total CVS savings – $70.53
Total Kroger savings – $16.77