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Tax season is upon us! If you have your W-2 forms and you’re ready to get started on your taxes, Turbo Tax offers free online filing! I’ve been using them for several years now, and they make it PAINLESS to complete your taxes! They take you through the whole process step by step and help to make sure you don’t miss any deductions! PLUS, they do a “check” at the end to make sure everything looks good, and even offer audit protection!

Click here to check it out–> File your taxes for free online!

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Some readers have reported that before they submit their taxes, they are receiving an offer for a 5% bonus in Amazon gift cards on top of whatever your refund is!  That’s a pretty sweet deal!  If you purchase Turbo Tax through Amazon, you will get a 10% bonus in Amazon gift cards on top of your refund!  Plus, most versions of Turbo Tax include a special discount for Amazon Prime members!  Check it out here-> Turbo Tax on Amazon

You can also file your taxes for free online with TaxAct–> File Your Taxes for free with TaxAct

NOTE: Additional charges may apply if you are filing an itemized return and I have heard that TaxAct is the cheapest of these 3 options if you are doing that.

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