Turbo Tax FREE Federal Filing online!

If you’ve gotten your W-2s already and you’re planning on working on your taxes this weekend, make sure you check out TurboTax online.  Last year, I was a COMPLETE procrasinator and didn’t start my taxes until April 14th!  It was my first time doing my taxes on my own and I used TurboTax online and it makes it SO easy!  They walk you through the entire process step by step and let you know about possible deductions and red flags!  You can also submit it online!  I will definitely be using it again this year!

TurboTax has an option where you can file your taxes for free online!  They also offer a free audit support center and free online help!  I hope I never have to take advantage of the audit support center, but it’s nice to know that it’s there if I need it!

Click here to file your taxes online using TurboTax (if you’re filing a 1040EZ, it’s free!)–>TurboTax online

Are you getting a refund this year or will you owe money?  I’m going to start working on my taxes this weekend and I’m afraid I may owe money!

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