Back to School Crafts on a Budget: Checklist Place Mat

Checklist Place Mat

Mornings are always chaotic in my house.  Between deciding who wants what for breakfast, who still needs to get dressed and who still needs to brush their teeth, someone always ends up in tears.  Oh, and let’s not forget the daily battle to brush and style the kids’ hair.  Nobody ever wants to sit still for that!  Having to add school back into the routine has just made our mornings even worse.  Now we have lunches, backpacks and homework to worry about.  I found these really cute place mats online that I think might help.  I love how easy they are to make and that my kids will be able customize thier own to make it special just for them.   I can’t wait to test them out!

You can find the tutorial to make your own checklist place mat here ->Checklist Place Mat tutorial

Here is what you will need to creat your checklist place mat:

-Decorative paper (scrapbook paper)


-Glue stick

-18 by 12 inch poster board


-clear con-tact paper or just have it laminated at a copy shop

-dry erase marker or grease pencil

-adhesive-backed Velcro dot (optional)

Also, don’t forget to use your 40% off any one item at Michael’s coupon for any supplies you might need to purchase.  The coupon expires Spetember 10.

NOTE:  I’m planning a more formal “introduction” soon, but I’m excited to announce that my sister Melinda is helping me out with my site now!  She’ll be working with giveaways, posting the nightly round-up, sharing fun craft ideas (this one is from her!) and sharing recipes!  Please give her a warm welcome!!!



  1. Welcome Melinda! Thanks for helping Melissa out. So great to see things are going so well she needs the help. That is always a plus!


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