Back to School Craft: Get Organized!

Here is one of those projects where I stop and wonder why it is I never thought of this myself.  I hate clutter and I hate trying to find a safe place to put important paperwork.  If I leave it laying on a counter it is destined to end up with something spilled on it and if I put it in a drawer, then I completely forget it even exists.

So, what is a mom like me to do with all the paperwork kids come home from school with?  Momready comes to the recue with the paper tamer.  I love how this organizer hangs over a door so it isn’t cluttering my counters, but I can still put it where I can see it.  The example has a folder for each child, but I think I might do it a bit differently and have one folder for artwork, one with things that need to be signed, one with other important information, and one with pending homework assignments.

Here is what you need to make the paper tamer:

Legal Size File pockets (different colors)
Hole Punch
Small Phillips Head
1″ Binder rings
Reinforcement Labels

Here is the link to the tutorial from Momready -> Momready’s Paper Tamer Tutorial

I also really love this idea from Burton Avenue to help motivate your kids to do their homework.  Check out the following link to get the free printables and tutorial to make the homework helper. ->Homework Helper Tutorial and Printables


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