31 Ways to Save in 2011: Saving on electricity!


Living in Texas, electricity is a major part of our monthly budget, especially during the summer months, so I am always looking for different ways to save on electricity.  If you’re living in Texas, you should definitely check out Power To Choose.  It allows you to compare plans and pricing between different providers.  I discovered Power To Choose this summer and by choosing a different provider with lower rates, I was able to cut our average electric bill by 30%!  When choosing a different provider, make sure you consider the terms of the contract (is there a penalty for cancelling the contract early?, it a “fixed rate” or a “variable rate” and do the prices reflected include all additional fees?).

Here are a few other tips for cutting your electricity expenses:

*Change your air filter – you should change your air filter every 30 days to maximize efficiency!

*Use CFL bulbs (compact florescent lighting) rather than traditional bulbs

*Program your thermostat – raise the programmed temperature by a few degrees in the summer, especially during hours when you are not at home, or lower the programmed temperature by a few degrees in the winter. 

*Use cold water to wash your clothes whenever possible

*Unplug gadgets and appliances when you’re not using them

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  1. Excellent Tips. I've been in the process of changing my light bulbs and have noticed some decrease in my electricity bill – definitely something worth trying.