31 Ways to Save in 2011: saving on family entertainment


Going to the public attractions in your area such as the zoo or The Children’s Museum is a fun family activity, but it could easily be a budget buster, too! In my area, a trip to the zoo would cost $40 for our family of four and a trip to the children’s museum would be $32 (plus $7 for parking).

Here are some tips for helping to save on family entertainment:

*Check the website – In my area, the zoo and the children’s museum both have times where you can get free admission listed on the website!

*Check with local grocery stores – Many times, local grocery stores will offer discounted admission to area attractions when you purchase tickets at the customer service desk

*Buy a City pass – Some cities offer a “City Pass” that offers heavily discounted admission to area attractions at a bundled rate.  The “catch” is that you usually only have nine days to access all of the activities included in the pass, but this is perfect if you’re visiting a city on vacation or if you’re on spring break, summer vacation, or Christmas break!  Click here to see if a City Pass is available for your city.

*Watch for free offers from businesses:

Bank of America offers free admission to more than 125 museums nationwide the first weekend of every month if you have a Bank of America credit or debit card!  In my area, this includes the zoo and the children’s museum!  Check to see what’s included in your area here.

Target Supports the Arts provides more than 2,200 free events at over 120 locations nationwide.  The Museum of Fine Arts in my area is free the first Sunday of every month, but they have also sponsored free events at the zoo and the art museum.  Find out what free events Target sponsors in your city here.

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