31 Ways to Save in 2011: Use online bill pay!


I confess – for YEARS my bank offered free online bill pay and I never took advantage of it. I didn’t really understand how it worked and for some reason, it just made me nervous. One day, I was asked to complete a survey where I went through a demo of an online bill pay program for a bank and I realized how easily it is and I have never looked back!

The biggest benefit of online bill pay is that you no longer have to use stamps!  All you have to do is go in and add your payees and then schedule your payments and money will be auto drafted from your account and sent out on the specified date.  Most banks even have an option to make payments to individuals!

Another benefit is that you no longer have to worry about fees for late payments!  You can go in and schedule your payment to be sent on any date.  Most banks will tell you what day they are going to send the payment and what the scheduled arrival date would be.  When I get my bills now, I go in and schedule the payment so that it will be paid a few days before the due date and I’m done!

This is an easy way to save both time and money!  If your bank offers free online bill pay and you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should!

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