Thrifty Thursday: I made money buying diapers this week

Yes, you read the title correctly – I made $5.50 buying 11 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers this week.

Here’s how I did it:

*I took advantage of the CVS deal this week. If you spend $25 on “baby” products (Huggies diapers are included), you get a $10 ECB. I still had some of the $3 Huggies Natural Fit printable coupons left and I rolled ECBs I already had as well. I got six jumbo packs of diapers for free. You can see the pictures in this post here.

*I took advantage of a deal. I paid $2.75 OOP (using Paypal money I earned from various survey sites) for five jumbo packs of diapers.

*I will submit my receipts to Caregivers Marketplace for the rebate that they offer. They pay $.75 per Huggies jumbo pack. So, I will get $8.25 back for the 11 packs of diapers that I “bought.”

I also got a $10 check in the mail for a diaper study I completed recently. When you do a diaper study, you get free diapers to test out (for this one, I got two packages), you complete two quick and easy phone surveys, and then they pay you $10.

If you’re interested in doing a diaper study, you can contact Arquest (that is who I did the study with). They are currently doing a study for boys and girls wearing size 4 diapers (I have found that most of the studies are for kids in diaper sizes 3 and up).

Here’s the number that you call (if you don’t get a “real” person, leave a message…even if they are full, they will put you on their list and call you back when there are openings):

Extension 646 for girls
Extension 634 for boys


  1. Wow great job! Thats impressive 🙂