30 Days of Valentine’s Fun Day #6: Valentine Heart Wreath

If you don’t already have a Valentine’s door wreath, here is one that is fairly easy to make, but looks so elegant.  I love that it looks like it is made out of rose petals and yet it is just felt. What a simple but beautiful showpiece for Valentine’s Day.  Thanks so much to the creative mind and talent of Amy over at The Idea Room for this great idea!

Here is where to go to find complete directions on how to make this wreath, with pictures -> Valentine’s Door Wreath Tutorial


30 Days of Valentine’s Fun Day #4: 52 Reasons I Love You

Here is another Valentine’s gift idea I found on Pinterest.  Thanks to Lowri McNabb for being so creative!  I think the kids and I are going to make this for my husband this year.  I love personalized gifts like this!  I guess we better get started coming up with 52 things we love about him.

Here is what you need to make this:

  • sandpaper
  • deck of cards
  • labels (see tutorial for details)
  • hole punch
  • 2 book rings

Here is where to go to find detailed directions on how to make this as well as answers to FAQs -> 52 Reasons I Love You Tutorial


30 Days of Valentine’s Fun Day #3: Heart Photo Montage

I am loving all the Valentine’s ideas out there!  I can’t believe how creative some people are.  Really, I am jealous.  This photo montage comes courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Generally speaking, I am not a huge fan of Martha Stewart, but this is a great low budget gift idea for a spouse, grandparents or children.  I think I am going to make this an annual Valentine’s tradition for my kids.  I know they will love looking over all the pictures, remembering when they were taken and how much fun we have had as a family over the past year.  I am also thinking I might make a smaller version to frame and give to the grandparents.  I guess I better start gathering pictures!

If you are loving this idea as much as I am, here is the link to the original post -> Martha Stewart’s Heart Photo Montage

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30 Days of Valentine’s Fun Day #2: Paint sample bookmarks!

Day #2 of Valentine’s Day fun is coming to you again courtesy of Pinterest.  My friend Lacey posted a picture of bookmarks made out of paint samples.  They were super cute (especially since I’ve got a daughter who is in to things like that right now!), super easy to make, and SUPER cheap!  The paint samples are free, the ribbon was $.47 at Walmart, and we already had a variety of heart-shaped hole punches!  That’s all you need!

The educator in me had to take advantage of some “learning” as we did this, too, so we talked about patterns (since we had different hole punches) and it’s a great way to work on fine motor skills, too!

Lacey’s picture turned out MUCH better than mine!  I’m definitely not a photographer and my husband has our “good” camera right now, anyway.  My kids had a lot of fun with this, though!

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30 Days of Valentine’s Fun Day #1: Valentine’s Day Countdown!

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day itself because I feel that it’s a bit over-rated and that you should show and tell the people in your life that you love them all year, but I DO love all of the fun Valentine’s Day crafts and recipes and so I’ll be bringing you 30 Days of Valentine’s Fun!  You’ll find new recipes, ideas for making your own Valentines, crafts, and more!  My kids and I have already started!

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I found today’s “share” on Pinterest, which is quickly becoming my new favorite form of entertainment!  It’s a Valentine’s Day Countdown from Infarrantly Creative

You can find the tutorial to make this yourself here–>Valentine’s Day Countdown 

To be honest, this is a bit “involved” for me, but I love the concept, so I am going to find a way to adapt this!  I can’t wait!

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