Scenario Sunday: CVS scenarios for the week of 2/1

If you are new to shopping out CVS, check out this post.

The first scenarios are for “newbies” or those who don’t want to spend much out of pocket but want to get started “CVS”ing:

Spend $5.98, get $19.47 in merchandise, end up with a $6 ECB

Transaction #1:
Buy 1 Excedrin 10 ct – $2.49
Buy 1 CVS Children’s Chewable aspirin – $1.99 (this is a February monthly deal)
Spend $4.48, get $4.48

Transaction #2:
Buy 1 Extreme Energy 6 hour shot – $4.99 (this is a February monthly deal)

Spend $.51, get $4.99 ECB

Transaction #3:
Buy 2 Gillette shampoo – $4.99/each ($9.98 total) (this is a February monthly deal…if you have already done the deal this week and reached your limit, do not try to do it early….it may mess things up and your ECB may not print)

Use 2 $2 Gillette coupons
Use $4.99 ECB

Spend $.99, get $6 ECB

My transaction:

Buy Excedrin 10 ct. – $2.49
Buy 4 Glade scented oil refills – $2.50/each
Buy 2 L’Oreal Revitalift face wipes – $5.99/each
Buy 2 L’Oreal shampoos – $6.99/each
2 Nature Made vitamin B12 – $6.39 (BOGO free)
2 Progresso soups – $2.99 (BOGO free)
2 L’Oreal lip products – $5.99 (BOGO free)

Total before coupons: $53.82

Use $1 CVS Excedrin CRT
Use 4 $1 Glade scented oil coupons
Use 2 $1 L’Oreal coupons
Use 2 $2 L’Oreal shampoo coupons
Use 2 $1.50 Nature Made coupons
Use 2 $1.10 Progresso coupons
Use 2 $2 L’Oreal coupons
Use $10/50 CVS CRT

Spend $23.62 (pay w/ ECBs), earn $22.49


  1. Svitak Family says:

    Hi! I am a newbie at this game and can’t find this answer anywhere…so if you could answer this question…I would greatly be indebted to you:)

    Two weeks ago I bought $15 worth of Advil products (all that were on the page assigned to this deal). If I spent $15 on those items, I was to get $5 ECB. When I rang up my total…it told me that I needed $5 more Advil products to get the ECB. Why? Can you not use any coupons meaning manu and ECB when trying to earn ECB when buying a certain$ amount? If this doesn’t make sense, let me know. I was really bummed that it didn’t work the first time. I know there is a “game” to this and I am so desiring to learn it to make the money and get FREE things like the entire CVS blog world is:) Respond to this post or to
    crsvitak at THANK YOU!