Scenario Sunday: CVS scenarios for the week of 1/25

I’m posting this early for people who like to shop early! 🙂

My coupon match-ups for the week are here. My coupon match-ups for the month are here and my scenarios for the monthly deals are here.

Don’t forget to check out my $15 CVS gift card giveaway!

Here are some scenarios for “newbies” with little or no ECB to start with:
Spend $7.48 OOP, get $19.98 in merchandise (walk away with a $2 ECB for next time)

Transaction #1:
Buy Gillette shampoo – $4.99
Use $2 coupon

Spend $2.99, get $3 ECB

Transaction #2:
Buy Gillette Fusion – $7.99
Use $4 manufacturer’s coupon
Use $3 ECB from shampoo

Total OOP = .99, get $4 ECB

Transaction #3:
Buy 2 Wisk laundry detergent – 2/$9
Use $1.50/2 coupon
Use $4 ECB

Spend $3.50 OOP, get $2 ECB

Scenarios if you have a $5/15 CRT (always scan your card before you start shopping!) – These will also work if you have a $3/15 CRT (you just spend $2 more OOP!)

Scenario #1:
Buy 3 Wyeth Products (3 Robitussin, 3 Dimetapp, 3 Advil or mix and match)
Use 3 $2 off printables
Use $5/15 CRT

Total before coupons = $15
Spend $4, get a $5 ECB

Scenario #2:
Buy 1 Fusion razor – $7.99
Use $4 manufacturer’s coupon
Buy 2 Gillette shampoos – $4.99
use 2 $2 Gillette coupon
use $5/15 CRT

Total before coupons = $17.97
Spend $4.97, get $10 ECB

Scenario #3:
Buy 2 packages Energizer batteries ($12 for both)
use 2 $1 Energizer coupons
Buy 1 Gillette shampoo – $4.99
use $2 Gillette coupon
use $5/15 CRT

Total before coupons = $16.99
Spend $7.99, get $7 ECB

Scenario #4:
Buy 4 12 packs Pepsi – $16.67
Buy 3 bags Lays potato chips – $6
Buy 1 Pepsi 2 liter (or Gatorade/Sobe Life water/Propel) – $1.25
Total before coupons – $20.58

Use $5/15
Spend $15.58, get $10 ECB (don’t forget to send off for the MIR here)

**If you usually shop “early” (on Saturdays) and you’ve already done the Pepsi deal, I would wait until next week to do this deal. I have a feeling there will be some computer glitches with pricing (the prices are different on 12 packs and chips between the two weeks) and with the computer thinking you’ve already done the deal for the week.

My Scenario: (I will do this all in one transaction)
$52.96 in merchandise for free! (walk away with $17 ECB)

Buy 2 Huggies Pull Ups – $10/each
Use 2 $2 off Pull Ups coupons
Buy 3 Advil Cold & Sinus – $5/each
Use 3 $2 Advil printable coupons
Use $1 CVS CRT

Buy Gillette Fusion Razor – $7.99
Use $4 Gillette manufacturer’s coupon
Buy Gillette shampoo – $4.99
Use $2 manufacturer’s coupon
Buy 2 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish – $1.99 (BOGO free)
use $1 manufacturer’s coupon
Buy 2 CVS tissues – on sale 2/$1

Total before coupons = $50.97
Use $10/50 CVS CRT (be sure to scan your card!)

Total after coupons = $22.97 (Pay w/ ECB), earn $17 ECB
(I will also get back $1.50 in rebates from Caregivers)

**JUST AN FYI – Apparently the “Fusion Gamer” won’t be available in stores until 1/30. I was hoping some of the other Fusion razors would work for the deal, but I scanned them while I was there today and they aren’t!


  1. Yeah, you know what happened with me Saturday night on the Pepsi deal? Some of the items were repriced for the coming week and some were not. I spent $21 on 12-packs, 2 Liters and chips, but instead of getting my 10 ECBs, my receipt had two separate Pepsi deals listed, with $11 spent under one deal and $10 under the other. Only much later did I realize that all the stuff that had been repriced was going under the second heading.

    Fortunately, they used their magic ECB button and I got the 10 Extra Bucks anyway.

  2. I love the magic ECB button 🙂 Some of my stores will use it and some of them won’t, but it sure is nice if they will!

  3. Hi Melissa!!

    I subscribed to your blog on Google!

    I am VERY new at this…and am proud that I even figured out HOW to subscribe!! LOL

    I am ALLLLL about the ECBs!!!!

    Stay Blessed~~