Scenario Sunday: CVS scenarios for the week of 2/8

This is a pretty slow week at CVS (at least in my opinion), so it would be a good time to take advantage of some of the monthly deals if you haven’t already.

If you are just learning how to shop at CVS, start here for some helpful tips.

The coupon match-ups for the weekly deals are here and the coupon match-ups for the monthly deals are here.

The following are scenarios for people who are “new” to shopping at CVS or who have very few ECBs to start with: (these are just ideas….you do not have to follow this exact order and you can skip some items if you do not need them or don’t have the coupons that match up with them)

Spend $5.11 OOP, get $27.09 in merchandise, end with $3 ECB

Transaction #1:
Buy Mylanta Cherry flavor (see my monthly deals match ups here for the details) – $3.65
Use $3 insert coupon or $2 printable coupon

Spend $.65 or $1.65 OOP (depending on your coupons), get $3 ECB back

Transaction #2:
Buy 2 Stayfree pads – $3.99/each
Use BOGO free coupon
use $3 ECB from Mylanta

Spend $.99, get $4 ECB

Transaction #3:
Buy Gillette Fusion Gamer – $7.99/each
Use $4 manufacturer’s coupon
Use $4 Stayfree ECB (they will need to adjust it down to $3.99)

Spend $0, get $4 ECB
**If you did the Fusion deal last week, you may not be able to do it again this week. Check the bottom of your receipt to see if it is still showing “limit reached.” If it is, skip this transaction!

Transaction #4:
Buy 3 Valentine’s Day cards – $2.49/each
Use $4 Gillette ECB

Spend $3.47, get $3 ECB

Here’s an alternate idea:

Spend $4.97, get $19.96 in merchandise

Transaction #1:
Buy CVS Pharmacy Children’s Chewable Aspirin (36 ct) – $1.99

Spend $1.99, get $1.99 ECB

Transaction #2:
Buy 1 Gillette shampoo – $4.99
Use $2 Gillette coupon
Use $1.99 ECB

Spend $1, get $3 ECB

Transacton #3:
Buy Gillette Fusion Gamer – $7.99
Use $4 Gillette coupon
Use $3 Gillette shampoo ECB

Spend $.99, get $4 ECB

Transaction #4:
Buy Extreme Energy 6 hour shot – $4.99
Use $4 ECB

Spend $.99, get $4.99 ECB

I’ve got quite a few ECBs that expire this week (and a few that already expired, but I’m hoping I can still use). My stores always seem to be out of everything lately (I went twice last week and didn’t find anything on my list!). Here’s my plan (assuming I can find everything):

Buy 1 Extreme Energy 6 hour shot – $4.99
Buy 2 Stayfree pads – $3.99/each
Buy Mylanta – $3.56
Buy Johnson First Aid pads – $4.99
Buy Gillette Fusion Gamer – $7.99
Buy Johnsons travel First Aid kit – $.99

Total before coupons: $30.5

Use BOGO free Stayfree coupon, use $2 Mylanta printable, use $3/2 Johnsons coupon, use $4 Gillette coupon

Total after coupons: $17.51

Spend $17.51 in ECBs, earn $18.99 ECBs

Transaction #2:
Buy 3 Valentine’s cards ($2.49 or higher/each)

Earn $3 ECB

My “Madagascar 2” scenario:
Buy 2 Bounce dryer sheets – $5.49/each
Buy 1 Pampers diapers – $9.99/each
Buy Madagascar 2 – $19.99

Use 2 .25/1 Bounce coupons, use 1 $1.50/1 Pampers coupon, use $3 Madagascar coupon, instant $15 Madagascar coupon (CVS) for purchasing P&G products

Spend $20.96 OOP (I will pay using a CVS gift card) – if you were planning on buying the movie anyway, it’s like you’re getting all of the other stuff for free!