Scenario Sunday: CVS deals for the week of 3/22

If you are just learning how to shop at CVS, start here for some helpful tips.

The coupon match-ups for the weekly deals are here.

Overall, this looks like a pretty slow week at CVS, so it’s probably not the best time to get started or to use your ECBs unless you have some that are expiring that you need to “roll.”

The following are scenarios for people who are “new” to shopping at CVS or who have very few ECBs to start with: (these are just ideas….you do not have to follow this exact order and you can skip some items if you do not need them or don’t have the coupons that match up with them) – get $12.48 in merchandise for $3.99 OOP

Transaction #1:
Buy Crest Pro-Health Enamel Care – $3.49

Use $1 manufacturer’s coupon

Spend $2.49 OOP, get $3.49 ECB

Transaction #2:
Buy Schick Quattro for women or Intuition Plus razor – $8.99

Use $4 manufacturer’s coupon
Use $3.49 ECB from Crest

Spend $1.50, get $3 ECB

My Transactions for the week: $20.47 in merchandise for $0 OOP
Buy Crest Pro-Health Enamel Care – $3.49
Buy Schick Quattro for women or Intuition Plus razor – $8.99
Buy Excedrin Migraine – $7.99

Use $1 Crest coupon
Use $4 Schick coupon
Use $2 Excedrin coupon

Total before coupons = $20.47
Total after coupons = $13.47

Spend $13.47 (pay w/ ECBs), earn $8.49 (I will be losing some ECBs, but these are all things I need)


  1. Don’t forget to scan your Extra card at the CRT. They are giving out coupons for $5/$30.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you pay with 13.xx ECB’s? Usually my ECB’s are in whole dollar amounts, do you just forfeit some of your ECB?

  3. I try to get my ECBs that I’m using to be as close to the amount due as possible. More often than not, it ends up working out. If will only lose a few cents, I just have them adjust it down. If it’s more than that, I either add a filler to get to the amount or pay the difference using a gift card I have. I’ve had about $50 in CVS gift cards for a long time, though, and haven’t had to use them.