CVS deals for the week of 1/23

If you are new to shopping at CVS and would like some tips, check out this article here and here.

If you need coupons for your “deals” I recommend My Coupon Hunter!

Tag your reusable bag: Buy a Greenbag tag for $.99 at the register, get $1 ECB every 4th visit – limit 1 use per day, per household

If you haven’t already, register your CVS Extra Care card here and you should receive a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon in your e-mail. This also registers you to receive other e-mail coupons!


Buy Crest Pro-Health or Pro-Health Complete rinse – $3.99, get a $3.99 ECB (limit 1 per household in ad, reportedly it is actually limit 2!)
Final Price = FREE after ECBs!

Buy Full Fast Appetite Control Spray – $14.99, get a $14.99 ECB (limit 1 per household)
Final Price = FREE after ECBs!

Buy Pediasure – $9.99 (6 pk)
$3/1 Pediasure printable
Pediasure Try Me Free rebate – 1-23 SS
Final Price = free or possible $3 moneymaker!


Spend $15 on Clean & Clear products, get a $5 ECB (limit 1 per household)
$2/1 Clean & Clear printable
$2/1 Clean & Clear printable (for Facebook fans)
$2/1 Clean & Clear – 1-9 SS2

Buy 2 Clean & Clear Daily Pore cleanser – $4.99/each
Buy 1 Clean & Clear Deep Action cleanser – $5.79

Use 3 $2 printable coupons

Spend $9.77 OOP, get a $5 ECB
Final Price = $4.77 after coupons/ECBs ($1.59/each!)

Spend $15 on select Coke/Kraft products, get a $5 ECB (limit 1 per household):
-Coke 12 pk, 12 oz cans – 5/$15
-Coke 2 liters – 2/$3
-Fuze (18-18.5 oz) – 2/$3
-Nabisco Wheat Thins, Triscuit, or Ritz – 2/$4
-Planters mixed nuts or cashew halves – 2/$6
-Powerade (32 oz) – 2/$3
-Smartwater (1 liter) -2/$3
-Vitaminwater (20 oz) -2/$3
Final Price = $10 after ECBs

Buy Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups (jumbo packs) – $8.99, get a $1 ECB (limit 1 per household)
$2/1 Pull-Ups printable
$1.50/1 Huggies diapers – 1-23 SS
$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers/Little Movers – 1-23 SS

$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups – 1-23 SS
Final Price = $5.99 after coupons/ECBs

Spend $10 on Pantene or Clairol products, get a $3 ECB (limit 1 per household)
-Clairol Nice ‘n Easy – $5.99
$2/1 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy hair color – 12-26 PG
-Pantene Pro V shampoo/conditioner/styler – $3.99
$3/2 Pantene product – 12-26 PG

Buy 4 Pantene shampoo/conditioner – $3.99/each

Use 2 $3/2 coupons

Spend $9.96 OOP, get a $3 ECB
Final Price = $6.96 OOP

Spend $10 on Revlon cosmetics or beauty tools, get a $4 ECB (limit 1 per household)-Revlon eye products (PSA $4.99)
$1/1 Revlon eye product – 1-16 SS
-Revlon face products (PSA $9.99)
$2/1 Revlon face product – 1-16 SS
-Revlon lip products (PSA $6.99)
$1/1 Revlon lip product – 1-16 SS
-Revlon nail polish (PSA $4.99)
$1/1 Revlon nail product – 1-16 SS

Buy 2 Revlon eye shadow – $4.99

Use 2 $1/1 Revlon eye coupons

Spend $7.98 OOP, get a $4 ECB
Final Price = $3.98 after coupons/ECBs

Buy Visine Tears, Visine-A, Totality, Original, AC, or Advanced – $5.49, get a $1 ECB (limit 1 per household)
$2/1 Visine printable
$1/1 Visine printable
Final Price = $2.49 after coupons/ECBs (some  have reported getting a $2/1 Visine CRT, which would make it $.49 after coupons/ECBs so make sure you scan your card at the scanner!)


Carmex lip balm – $.99
$.30/1 Carmex – 11-7 SS
Final Price = $.69 after coupon

X-Tra laundry detergent – $1.49
$1/1 X-Tra printable (must register)
Final Price = $.49 after coupon!

*Colgate Pro Clinical, Sensitive, Total Enamel, or Advanced Clean/Whitening toothpaste (limit 4)
*CVS Pharmacy multi-vitamins and A, B, C, D and E
*CVS Pharmacy batteries
*Nature’s Bounty vitamins
*Photo books

The following scenarios are for people who have few, if any ECBs to start with:   $16.76 in merchandise for $4.39 OOP

Buy 1 Crest Pro-Health mouth wash – $3.99

Spend $3.99 OOP, get a $3.99 ECB

Buy 1 Crest Pro-Health mouth wash – $3.99

Use $3.99 ECB

Spend $0 OOP, get a $3.99 ECB

Buy 2 CVS Vitamin C (BOGO free) – $4.39

Use $3.99 ECB

Spend $.40 OOP

MY PLAN:  (I am starting w/ a $10 ECB) – $22.98 in merchandise for $0 OOP, $8.99 ECBs left to spend!

Buy 5 Coke product 12 packs – $3/each

Buy 1 Crest Pro- Health – $3.99

Use 3 Free Coke coupons (My Coke Rewards)
Use $10 ECB (adjusted to $9.99)

Spend $0 OOP, get a $5 ECB and a $3.99 ECB

Buy Crest Pro-Health – $3.99

Use $3.99 ECB

Spend $0 OOP, get a $3.99 ECB

Frequently asked questions:

Do you really do multiple transactions at your stores?

In the past, I usually had $20-30 ECB on hand, so I didn’t have to break up my transactions as much as I did when I first started, but now that I am starting over, yes, I am doing multiple transactions. If you are doing multiple transactions, I recommend that you let the cashier know up front that is what you are planning to do. If there are several people in line, let them go in between your transactions. This gives you time to clip your ECBs and get prepared for your next transaction.

My store was out of all the freebie items first thing this morning. Can I get a raincheck?

This all depends on your store. I have contacted corporate about this before because some stores in my area give rainchecks and others won’t. According to corporate, this is up to the individual stores.

I bought the wrong item or I bought the RIGHT item and my ECB didn’t print. What can I do?

If you bought the right item, show the store clerk your ad and your receipt. They should be able to manually print your ECB at the store. If they don’t know how, you can call customer service and they can add one to your account that will print within 48 hours (you have to wait 48 hours from your purchase time to do this so they can “see” your transaction in their computer).

If you bought the wrong item and didn’t receive ECBs, you can do a return and purchase the correct item. If you paid using ECBs, they will have to give you money on a gift card.

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