CVS Scenarios for the week of 5/10

If you are just learning how to shop at CVS, start here for some helpful tips.

The coupon match-ups for the weekly deals are here.

The following are scenarios for people who are “new” to shopping at CVS or who have very few ECBs to start with: (these are just ideas….you do not have to follow this exact order and you can skip some items if you do not need them or don’t have the coupons that match up with them)

Get $66.94 in merchandise for $1.97 OOP, $4 ECB left to spend
Transaction #1:
Buy 2 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose meters

Use 2 $30 coupons

Spend $0 OOP, get a $10 ECB

Transaction #2:
Buy 2 Crest Pro-Health rinse – $3.49
Buy Schick Quattro – $8.99
Buy Bayer Quick Release crystals – $2

Use 2 $1 Crest coupons
Use $4 Schick coupon
Use $10 Bayer ECB

Spend $1.97 OOP (less if you can find the $1 Bayer tear pad), get $10 in ECB ($4 for the Crest, $4 for the Schick, $2 for the Bayer)

Transaction #3:
Buy 1 Schick Quattro Pro – $8.99
Buy 5 boxes of Kelloggs cereal

Use $4 Schick coupon
use 5 $1 Kelloggs coupons
Use $10 in ECB from previous transaction (they will have to adjust it down to $9.99)

Spend $0 OOP, get $4 ECB back

My scenarios for the week: $75.89 in merchandise for $0 OOP, $26 ECB left to spend!
Buy 2 Bayer Contour blood glucose meters – $14.99/each
Buy 2 Crest Pro Health rinse – $3.49/each
Buy Schick Quattro razor – $8.99/each
Buy 6 Colgate toothbrushes ($1.99/each)
Buy 2 Hellman’s – $3
Buy 3 Skippy – $5 (for 3)
Buy 5 boxes of Kelloggs cereal

Use 2 Bayer coupons
use 2 $1 Crest rinse coupons
Use $4 Schick coupon
Use 6 $1 Colgate coupons
Use 2 $1 Hellman’s coupons
Use 3 $.40 Skippy coupons
Use 5 $1 Kelloggs printables

Total before coupons = $75.89

Total after coupons = $25.71, pay w/ ECBs (ECBs may need to be adjusted up or down to accommodate)

Spend $0, earn $26 ECB


  1. I love reading the scenarios and get lots of ideas, but I have to ask….what do you do with so many blood glucose monitors? My husband in diabetic, but we can’t use all of those!

  2. Melissa says:

    It’s funny that you ask that because that’s exactly what I planned to write about for Tip of the Day Tuesday this week! 🙂 I donate some to a local clinic and to a local OB/GYN (for moms who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes). Schools can also use them. Both of my parents are also diabetic and use them.