ING’s Black Friday Sale: get up to $720 in bonuses for new accounts!

ING is having a Black Friday sale, too! If you’ve spent the past few days draining your bank account, they are giving you some easy options to put some money back into your bank account!

Open an ING Electric Orange Checking account and get a $125 bonus added to your account!  Typically, this bonus is $50, so this is an awesome deal!  I opened my ING checking account several years ago.  We have our Christmas savings in an ING account and when it gets closer to the holidays, I transfer it to my ING Electric Orange account so that I can have easy access to our money using my check card!

Click here to open your account–> ING Electric Orange Checking account and $125 bonus

NOTE:  You need to make 10 signature or pin-based purchases within 45 days to get your bonus and this bonus is only available for new accounts.

This is a great time to start a Kids Savings Account, too!  You get a $10 bonus for each one that you open!  I have ING Savings accounts for each of my kids that I opened when they were born.  Click here to open your account and take advantage of this bonus offer–> ING Kids Savings account and $10 bonus

You can also take advantage of these bonus promotions:

  • Invest in Sharebuilder and get a $125 bonus
  • Roll over your old 401(k) and get up to $360
  • Earn $100 when you refer 2 friends

I opened my first ING savings account nine years ago.  We now have sub accounts for all of our “sinking funds” as well as Sharebuilder accounts and an Electric Orange Checking Account.  I have taken advantage of various promotions like this one several times through the years and have always had great experiences!

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