HOT DEAL FROM ING ~ Get $121 for opening an ING Orange checking account!

Do you need a little bit of extra money for Christmas? ING has a HOT deal today ONLY. You will get a $121 bonus for opening a new ING orange checking account.

Here are the details:
1. Open an Electric Orange checking with Reference Code EOSAVE.
2. Use your Debit Card to make 3 signature transactions (you know, the ones you have to actually sign) within the first 45 days.
3. On day 50, we’ll put $121 in your account. You have to open today to get the $121 bonus.

I opened up an ING checking account around this time last year. We keep our “Christmas fund” in an ING account anyway, so we just transferred that money into the checking account and used the debit card to make our purchases. It was super easy!

Click here to find out more about this offer or to open your account!