More Savings Monday: Get $50 for Opening an ING Electric Orange account

I have been a fan of ING for years. Shortly before my oldest daughter was born, they were offering a $50 bonus if you created an account. It sounded like a great way to start a savings account for a new baby. Both of my kids now have savings accounts there and it’s where I keep all of our “sinking funds” (escrow, vacation, auto repairs, clothing budget, Christmas fund, etc.).

I love it because the interest rate is usually higher than regular banks. If you’re not familiar with ING, it’s basically an online bank. You link your accounts to your checking account at an actual bank so that you can transfer money back and forth.

They started offering checking accounts about a year ago. They are now offering a $50 bonus if you open an “Electric Orange” checking account, activate the ATM/debit/Mastercard associated with the account, and make 3 purchases using the card in the first 45 days. This is great news for me because I keep our Christmas fund there anyway. So, I transferred our Christmas fund money to the checking account and I can now use the debit card to pay for my purchases! Then, I’ll get $50 to start out my Christmas fund for next year 🙂 I will not be using this as our primary checking account, but the debit Mastercard will make it easy to access money from various accounts when I need to pay for things.

To get the details on this promotion, click here:

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Click ‘Apply Now’
  2. Open your Electric Orange
  3. Activate your Electric Orange MasterCard® Debit Card
  4. Use your Electric Orange Card to make at least 3 signature-based purchases in the first 45 days after your account has been opened
  5. Your $50 bonus will be automatically deposited into your Electric Orange 50 days after your account has been opened

If you’re not familiar with ING and have questions, click here:

If you’re new to ING and want to open a savings account, you can also receive a $25 bonus if you are referred by a current member and open the account with an initial balance of $250 (If you’d like a referral, send me an e-mail and I will send you one….my e-mail address is in the upper left hand corner of the blog).


  1. We have had an ING account for a long time now too and also LOVE it!!!