Toys 'R Us: Save $5 on a $5 purchase!

Babies ‘R Us and Toys ‘R Us have released a HOT new printable coupon!  Save $5 off a purchase of $5 or more! You should be able to score some FREEBIES with this coupon and the best part is that there are two different links so you can print TWO of them!  The coupon is valid through 8/16/2012.

Click on the links below to print your coupon:  you can print ONE per link! 

$5 off $5 Toys R Us / Babies R Us coupon (Website)

$5 off $5 Toys R Us / Babies R Us coupon (Facebook)

UPDATE:  You can also get a $5 off coupon when you text 5ONUS to 78697.

Each coupon has a unique code.  If you print the same coupon more than once and try to use it more than once, you will be highly embarrassed when you are not able to use it!  I don’t recommend trying it.  Just sayin’

NOTE:  Make sure you read the coupon COMPLETELY before using it as there are some exclusions!

(Thanks Creative Couponing!)

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  1. Nicole McCoy says:

    Should both of these coupons have the same code at the bottom? I’m a little concerned about that. It took me forever to get the facebook coupon to print, and I’m not sure if is okay to use because it looks identical to the website coupon in code and everything.

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