The Ugly Duckling and MORE Kindle Freebies for Kids!

I LOVE my Kindle Fire, and I also love that there are so many free Kindle books available!  I don’t think I’ve paid for any Kindle books in the past six months.  I love that there are so many free Kindle books for kids now, too!  Right now, you can get The Ugly Ducking free for Kindle!

Click here to grab this freebie–> The Ugly Duckling free for Kindle 

Here are some more free Kindle books for kids:  

Cougar Cub Tales:  I’m just like you

Cougar Cub Tales:  Lost and Alone

Garbage!  Monster!  Burp!

Maebelle’s Hat

Mrs. Gorski, I think I have the Wiggle Fidgets

The Clever Detective

The Golden Acorn

What the Fox Learnt (Four Fables from Aesop)

When Cows Fly

Looking for more free Kindle books?  Get a round up of the top 100 free Kindle downloads here–> Kindle top 100 free downloads 

Don’t have a Kindle yet?  Get the Kindle reader for FREE for your Smartphone, tablet, or PC!  Click here to download–> FREE Kindle reading app

NOTE:  All of these books were free at the time this was posted.  Pricing on Amazon can change at any time!  Please verify final pricing before downloading these items.

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