Target Update: THOUSANDS of holiday gift cards were never activated!



I posted a few weeks ago about the Target data breach that affected millions of holiday shoppers who made purchases between Black Friday and December 15th using credit or debit cards.  Here’s the latest Target update.  Apparently thousands of gift cards that were purchased during the holidays were never activated which means that people gave empty gift cards as gifts!  This may have affected as many as 40,000 gift cards purchased nation wide!  I personally purchased Target gift cards for holiday gift exchanges and for gifts for my children’s teachers and I am definitely hoping that they weren’t affected by this!

  • Check your gift card balance here–> Target gift card balance checker
  • If your card has a zero balance and you have not used it, call the number on the back for help or visit the customer service desk at your local store

I guess I will be giving receipts with my gift cards from now on!

Find out more about this here–> Thousands of Target gift cards never activated


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