Target Data Breach: was your credit or debit card compromised?



If you shopped at Target between Black Friday and December 15, 2013, make sure you read this post!  According to KrebsonSecurity, Target experienced a security breach involving millions of customer credit and debit cards.  This reportedly only has affected customers who shopped in actual Target stores,  It does not affect customers who shopped online.  The data stolen allows individuals to create counterfeit cards and even reproduce debit cards!

If you shopped at Target during these dates and used a credit or debit card, here’s what you should do:

  • Check your bank statements carefully.
  • If you notice any fraudulent charges, contact your bank IMMEDIATELY!  You will have to file a fraud report.
  • Change passwords on any related bank accounts

Did you know that credit card skimmers can also be present on ATM machines, at the gas station, and even at Redbox?  Find out more about this here–> Credit Card Skimming


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