Looking ahead – CVS week of 8/24

DISCLAIMER: When I post these “look ahead” posts, it’s so that you can start planning and get coupons to match up if they are available. I only post them after I have seen ad scans on other sites, but sometimes the ads vary from market to market, so these may not be the exact ads that you get in your area. You can see the ad scans and full link on Hot Coupon World:

This actually looks like a pretty good week, which is a relief because the week of 8/17 is a SLOW week. There are tons of ECB deals. These are just the ones that stood out to me:

*Pepsi products, 4/$12, get $3 ECB back

*Buy Schick Intuition plus razor blades, get $5 (priced at $9.99)

*Tampax Pearl, 2/$8, get $2 ECB

*Carefree/Stayfree/OB, 2/$9, get $5 ECB (there are coupons for these)

*Playtex, $4.99, get $3 ECB (there are $1 off coupons for these)

*Kotex Light Days, $1.49, get $1.49 (Free after ECBs)

(apparently it’s women’s hygiene week at CVS)

*Zipfizz, $5.99, get $5.99 (Free after ECBs)

*Spend $15 on the following, get $5 ECBs (Centrum Kids – $7, Centrum Cardio or Caltrate – $9, Centrum – $11, Dimetapp – $7, Advil Cold & Sinus – $10, Advil – $10) – there have been LOTS of coupons for all of these

*Buy 2 CVS hand sanitizers, get $1 ECB (I don’t know the prices on these, but the pen looking ones are AWESOME!)

*Propel, Sobe, or Gatorade – 5/$5, get $2 ECB (not bad if you have the Sobe coupons)

*Buy $10 of Hershey’s candy, get a free candy dish

LOTS of BOGO deals (remember you can use two coupons if you have them!):

*Ajax dish detergent

*Colgate toothpaste/toothbrushes (couldn’t make out specific types)

*CVS batteries

*Kellogg’s cereals (couldn’t make out specifics, but Special K and Raisin Bran are pictured)

*Lays chips

*Revlon cosmetics

*Thomas English muffins

Deals for the week of 8/10

I just thought I’d post links to recap some of the “hot deals” that are happening this week:

At CVS, you can get Alavert, Lamisil/Lamisilk, Huggies (and other baby products), Energizer batteries, and candy. You can find more information on this post:

The Back to School sale will continue through 8/17. The details are here:

(There is also a 20% off printable coupon good for use in store only that can be found here:
**You might want to check to make sure your store will accept printable coupons first**

Free Blu Ray rentals (one at a time) for the month fo August and $2.99 regular DVD rentals. This definitely is working in the Houston area, but it may be in select markets, so you may want to call your store first.

Deals for the Texas/Louisiana area through Tuesday (8/12):

I haven’t seen any ad scans yet. I’ll post any deals tomorrow after I see the actual ad.

At Walgreens, there are deals on Crest toothpaste, All detergent, Band Aids, Campbell’s soup, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, and Bic pens. You can find more information on this post:

Buy the All You magazine for $1.77 and get lots of free stuff (Nabisco crackers, Kraft cheese, Kraft dressing, Crystal light, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, etc.):

If you love Tide…not a bad deal

I almost missed this because we’ve been out of town and I’ve been busy getting ready to go back to work! You have to hurry if you want to do this deal because the sale ends tomorrow.

CVS has Tide on sale for $4.97 this week. If you buy two plus a small item (filler), and use the $2/10 CVS coupon and two of the $1 off coupons from the P&G insert that was in the paper on Sunday, you end up getting two bottles of Tide for $5.94 (or $2.97/each). That’s not a bad deal if you like Tide!

I had never used Tide before I discovered CVS and now it’s our favorite detergent!

While you’re there getting your Tide, you can also get some Dawn dish detergent (it would actually be a GREAT filler for your Tide deal). It is on sale for .88 and there was a coupon for .50/1 in the Sunday paper, so it’s .33/each.

The other CVS deals for this week are in this thread here:

CVS ad (week of 8/10-8/16)

Next week is kind of a slow week for CVS, but there are a few decent deals:

Alavert/Alavert D will be $5.99 and you get $3 in ECBs back. There is a $4 printable coupon (see the link below), so it will be like you are making $1 in ECBs. The limit is one per household.
Here’s the link for the coupon:

Buy 2 Lamisil or Lamisilk (foot cream, powder, gel, spray, or pump), get $10 ECB
It says that prices start at $7.59. There were $3 off Lamisilk and $4 off Lamisil coupons in the paper a few weeks ago, which means that if you use two coupons, you will be making $.

Spend $25 in baby products, get $5 ECB back:
Huggies diapers are $8.99
Huggies wipes are 2/$5
(Other items are: Johnson’s baby products – $2.99, Playskool toys – $7.99, umbrella stroller – $9.99, CVS cotton swabs – 2/$3, Enfamil – $23.99)

You have probably noticed that the prices of diapers have gone up A LOT (around $10.49/bag for Huggies/Pampers and most stores) lately, so this is a great price on diapers even without the ECBs. The Enfamil is also a great deal if you need formula and have formula checks! Buy the Enfamil, some CVS cotton swabs (or Huggies wipes), use a $2/10, and your formula checks, and you come out nicely.

You do not have to buy all $25 in products in one transaction. You can split them up. If you are doing different ECB deals, you can also do multiple transactions and use the ECBs earned from one deal to spend on the next deal so you are not spending as much out of pocket. (Of course, I have 5 CVS stores within 10 minutes of my house, so it’s no big deal to do multiple transactions!)

They are also having a deal on candy – spend $10, get $5 ECB. I won’t be doing this one because I sure don’t need more candy, but it’s not a bad deal, especially if you have any of the $1.50/1 Dove chocolate coupons that were in the paper a few months ago (which you would of course want to combine with the $2/10).

There is also this deal: Spend $15 on Energizer batteries, get a $5 ECB (I won’t be doing this because I have a ton of batteries, already). If you have the $1/1 coupons that were in the paper recently and used a $2 off coupon, it wouldn’t be too bad. If you don’t have the coupons, you can probably still order some on eBay or through a coupon clipping service. You’d need to buy 6 packages to make this work, and you’d still end up paying about $5 out of pocket, which isn’t bad if you need batteries.

Shopping at CVS just got better!

CVS sometimes release coupons that can be used to get a $ off when you spend a certain amount. These coupons used to be a LOT more common, but unfortunately, people were abusing them, so they are pretty rare now. When they do come out, CVS fans like to celebrate because it means we can save even more (and sometimes make money, too!).

There is an online version of this magazine, and on page 30, there is a coupon for $2 off a $10 purchase at CVS. Here’s the link:

If you’re just getting started and wanted to earn Extra Care bucks for the least amount out of pocket, here are a few scenarios:

Scenario #1: (if you don’t have yesterday’s paper)
Print up the coupons for 2 Colgate toothpaste here:

Print up the coupon for Advil here:

Print your $2/10 from the link above.

Buy 2 Colgate toothpaste (check the ad to make sure you are buying the right ones) and 1 Children’s Advil (the monthly deal also works on the infant drops). You will spend $5.77, but get $9.79 back in ECBs.

Scenario #2: (if you have at least one copy of yesterday’s paper)
Buy 2 Cover Girl face products (they range in price for $5.79-9.99….the more expensive, the better because you want to get to your $10 total!….also remember you want both products to be the same price basically or they will deduct the cheaper once twice)

Buy 2 Colgate toothpastes (use the links above to print coupons)

Buy 1 Oral B toothbrush (use the $1 off coupon from yesterday’s paper)

You will spend $2.47, but you will get back $5.50 in ECBs

Scenario #3: (also if you have at least 1 copy of yesterday’s paper)
Buy a Gillette Fusion razor (remember to check for the gift packs with the shave gel!)

Buy a small item (in couponing lingo, we refer to these as “fillers”) like a candy bar to get you over the $10 total

Use your $2/10 CVS coupon and your $4 Gillette coupon from yesterday’s paper. Spend $4.49 and get $3 back. (This isn’t the best deal but if you need a razor, it’s an inexpensive way to do it)

Here are a few other deals I missed in my first post:

*Kleenex are BOGO free this week. If you buy 6 boxes and use 2 of the .50/3 coupons that were in yesterday’s paper, you end up getting them for about .60/box.

*Pert Plus shampoo is BOGO free this week. There were $2 off coupons in yesterday’s paper. CVS will let you use two coupons (one for each item) when you are doing a BOGO free offer, so if you use buy 2 bottles of shampoo and use two of the $2 coupons, you get free shampoo.

*Sure deodorant is BOGO free and there was a BOGO free coupon a few week’s ago. If you have this coupon, you get the deodorant free.

There was also a mail in rebate form in yesterday’s paper for $5 on school supplies when you buy $5 in Pert/Sure products, so if you buy the deodorant/Shampoo and then $5 in school supplies (there are lots of good deals on school supplies this week including several BOGO offers), you could potentially get free shampoo, deodorant, and school supplies. The Bic White out is BOGO, so you could print out 2 coupons for .50/1 which would make it pretty cheap:

*Chex Mix is 2/$3. There is a printable coupon (see below) for $1/1, so you can get Chex mix for .50.