Looking ahead – CVS week of 8/24

DISCLAIMER: When I post these “look ahead” posts, it’s so that you can start planning and get coupons to match up if they are available. I only post them after I have seen ad scans on other sites, but sometimes the ads vary from market to market, so these may not be the exact ads that you get in your area. You can see the ad scans and full link on Hot Coupon World:

This actually looks like a pretty good week, which is a relief because the week of 8/17 is a SLOW week. There are tons of ECB deals. These are just the ones that stood out to me:

*Pepsi products, 4/$12, get $3 ECB back

*Buy Schick Intuition plus razor blades, get $5 (priced at $9.99)

*Tampax Pearl, 2/$8, get $2 ECB

*Carefree/Stayfree/OB, 2/$9, get $5 ECB (there are coupons for these)

*Playtex, $4.99, get $3 ECB (there are $1 off coupons for these)

*Kotex Light Days, $1.49, get $1.49 (Free after ECBs)

(apparently it’s women’s hygiene week at CVS)

*Zipfizz, $5.99, get $5.99 (Free after ECBs)

*Spend $15 on the following, get $5 ECBs (Centrum Kids – $7, Centrum Cardio or Caltrate – $9, Centrum – $11, Dimetapp – $7, Advil Cold & Sinus – $10, Advil – $10) – there have been LOTS of coupons for all of these

*Buy 2 CVS hand sanitizers, get $1 ECB (I don’t know the prices on these, but the pen looking ones are AWESOME!)

*Propel, Sobe, or Gatorade – 5/$5, get $2 ECB (not bad if you have the Sobe coupons)

*Buy $10 of Hershey’s candy, get a free candy dish

LOTS of BOGO deals (remember you can use two coupons if you have them!):

*Ajax dish detergent

*Colgate toothpaste/toothbrushes (couldn’t make out specific types)

*CVS batteries

*Kellogg’s cereals (couldn’t make out specifics, but Special K and Raisin Bran are pictured)

*Lays chips

*Revlon cosmetics

*Thomas English muffins