Survey sites that really pay: Opinion Outpost!

I just finished my “end of month cash-out” from Opinion Outpost and ended up with another $14.30 in Amazon gift cards.  When you cash out and choose Amazon gift cards as your option, you get your code instantly!  I have earned $219 total from this site since I joined in march.

If you are not familiar with Opinion Outpost, here’s some more information about it:

How it Works

Once you register, you will receive e-mails about potential surveys you may qualify for.  When you click on the link, you will have to answer a few quick “screener” questions.  If you qualify for the survey, you will then be directed to the survey.  If you don’t qualify for the survey, sometimes they will ask you if you want to see if you qualify for any other surveys.  Other times, you will be directed to a link where you can enter an instant win game to win $50.

As you complete surveys, you get a certain amount of reward points.  These points correlate to dollar amounts.  For example, 10 points is equal to one dollar.  From my experience, most surveys range from 10 to 30 points each, but I have completed a few 50 point surveys, an 85 point survey, and a 100 point survey.

To ensure that you qualify for more surveys, I recommend filling out all of the information in the “Member Profiles” section.  There are ten different areas – consumer, general, health, household technology, leisure & activities, personal finance, personal vehicles, professional, shopping, and travel.

Cashing Out

To “cash out” click on the “Rewards” link on the left of the page.  This will show you what your current accumulated award balance is.  Once you accumulate $5, you are eligible to cash out.  This is a much lower threshold than other companies require for cashing out.  You can cash out for a check, an code (sent instantly to your e-mail address), or a Citi gift card (virtual or physical).  The and Citi card options are new for me!!

If you haven’t checked out Opinion Outpost yet, you really should!

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