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As many of you know, I work full time in the field of education.  At my “day job” I work with families who speak a variety of languages ranging from Spanish to Vietnamese and including Urdu!  I sometimes wish I had an easy way to translate items for the parents I work with.  Rosetta Translation has offices in New York, London, Shanghai, Luxemborg and Paris and provides worldwide transalation service as well as interpreting services!  They offer translation services in over 70 languages!

Rosetta Translation is a translation agency that specializes in the following services:  medical translation, technical translation, legal translation, and financial translation.  They value confidentiality and client names or other sensitive information is disguised before information is given to translators.

Rosetta Translation is committed to providing quality translation service.  They use translators who are highly qualified and all documents are proofread by a secondary expert before being submitted for review by the client.  Clients can also provide feedback and submit amendments.  Their pricing is competitive and so is their turn around time!

If you need translation services, make sure you check out Rosetta Translation.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out their client testimonials.

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