Pinecone Research is accepting applications: get paid $3 per survey!

Nine years ago when I started completing surveys online, Pinecone Research was the first survey company I signed up with! They are still my favorite! You get paid $3 per survey (you can now get paid by a reloadable debit card!). Unlike other survey companies, you won’t spend hours completing screeners only to be told that you “didn’t qualify.” Their screeners are quick and easy! I have completed many surveys and product studies for them through the years.  I have done product testing through them for diapers, dipping sauces, fragrances, and lotion among other things.  It’s so fun when a package with a new product shows up on your doorstep!

You can only sign up with Pinecone Research a few times each year when they open up for new recruits, and this is one of those times!  Don’t miss out!

Pinecone Research registration


Let me know if you get in!

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  1. VICKY KLEEN says:

    I found them by accident when I was in college and had at least 5 bucks a week coming in, if not more. Unfortunately I got busy and was missing surveys so I removed myself from the panel. Wish I hadn’t! This was the best group I had ever worked with and their surveys were not super time consuming and well done. Plus I scored some neat samples of new products. I would highly recommend it. I hope I get back on! I’ve been looking for an opportunity for some time!

  2. everytime i try im not the right demogrAPHIC. hmmm figures

  3. Julianne says:

    Same results as Linda!! I wonder what their demographics are??

  4. Thank you for responding to these last few questions and completing the member registration process. It will be recorded as complete after you finish with this screen. We will then process this information and, based on your responses, place your name into the queue for survey selection. When selected, you will receive notification by email of your new survey assignment. Thanks for your help, we look forward to being able to include you in future surveys.


  5. Carolyn says:

    I was filling this out with my information and the site was lost.

  6. Terri Hancock says:

    I keep filling out the form with my information and it will not except my password, So I try a different one and it says IT must be 6-12 Charactors and numbers but still kicks me out?